1,000’s of Marketing Jobs Available from Companies Like HBO, NBC News, Warner Bros and the Chicago Bears

Countless new jobs have been added to the DMR advertising/communications/marketing jobs board recently. This week’s board features awesome opportunities from employers like HBO, NBC News, Warner Bros and the Chicago Bears. If you are actively seeking new employment or just window-shopping, be sure to check out what is available here.

By the Numbers: 11 Amazing Comcast Statistics

Love ’em or hate ’em, millions of Americans depend on Comcast every day to power their connected world. While Comcast can lay claim to some of the most notable customer service snafus in recent history, they continue to be a powerhouse in the digital, communications and entertainment worlds with some amazing subscriber numbers.

This post is probably long overdue, but better now than never, so I recently sat down to gather some stats. Here are the more interesting Comcast statistics I was able to dig up.

25 Awesome Mantown Gadgets

Few rooms in the house offer us more opportunity to deploy fun gadgets than mantown.

Mantowns (or mancaves, man-dwellings) are generally found in a basement, quietly tucked away from visitors, offering a great opportunity to relax and relive a bit of your childhood. While mantowns are traditionally thought of us a place for the man of the house to decorate and occupy, they really have become a family room replacement for many with home theaters, playrooms, home offices and hobby areas often incorporated. In fact, the show most watched in my mantown these days is Daniel Tiger and my coffee table is currently covered in LEGO.

Mantowns can have an infinite number of configurations and features. They really are customized to each home, but one thing is consistent- they are a place for some of the coolest toys and gadgets in the house.

Here are a few of the more interesting and creative mantown gadgets I was able to dig up…

By the Numbers: 11 Impressive Imgur Statistics

It may come as a surprise to some, but the little image sharing site that made its name as the repository of choice for some of the most popular images on Reddit, has grown up quite a bit over the years. Imgur has attracted a decent amount of funding along the way and has done a nice job at keeping its roots planted while building out a pretty sizable image-sharing/curation platform.

With over a hundred million users, it is tough to ignore Imgur, so I recently sat down to gather some stats. Here are the more interesting Imgur statistics I was able to dig up.

By the Numbers: 14 Amazing Internet Statistics

Tonight’s “By the Numbers” post focuses on something a bit more macro than the rest. I recently had to write a piece about internet usage and needed to find out how many people used the internet. That got me thinking that we often look at individual websites and platforms here, but I’ve never taken a step back and explored the framework that makes all of this possible.

Here are the most interesting internet statistics I was able to dig up including how many people actually use the internet and how many don’t.

By the Numbers: 15 Amazing Facebook Messenger Statistics

Ever since Facebook spun off the messaging function of their mobile app, they have been racking up some pretty impressive usage numbers. Facebook Messenger has been growing exponentially over the past year or so and has quickly become more than an app and pretty much a full mobile platform.

While I have been keeping Facebook Messenger statistics in my Facebook mobile statistics post since its launch, after hearing that Facebook will no longer require a Facebook account in order to use Messenger, it seemed like a good time to break out the stats and focus this new post on Messenger.

Here are the more interesting Facebook Messenger stats that I was able to dig up so far

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27 of the Most Ingenious Workout Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

While much of the workout gadgetry-related attention has been focused on wearables lately, there are a number of really awesome workout gadgets being created that don’t go on your wrist. As summer is now upon us, we can all probably use an extra workout or two to get in tiptop beach/pool shape. Here are a few of the more interesting and creative workout gadgets I was able to dig up (wearables and beyond).

By the Numbers: 8 Amazing iHeartRadio Statistics

With its star-studded concerts, popular awards show and gigantic social media presence, iHeartRadio has quickly transformed itself from “just another radio app” to a “must-have” internet radio platform. Through creative and significant marketing, iHeartRadio has been very successful in positioning themselves as a leader in a very crowded market.

I recently sat down to see what I could find for iHeartRadio statistics and what I found were some pretty impressive tallies…

New Report: Hundreds of User Totals for the World’s Top Social Networks, Apps and Digital Services

For years, the most popular post on DMR is my user total post that lists out how many people use just about every digital service imaginable. One of the most common requests I get is for a downloadable version that lists all of the tallies out in one place. Well, I finally got a chance to create a pdf version of the list.