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The Summer is a great time for beaches, bbqs…and reading. If you want to take advantage of your downtime this season and get caught up on marketing strategy, you’re in luck. This weekend (Friday-Monday), I am marking down both of my helpful eBooks to their lowest prices yet. If you are looking to generate sales leads from LinkedIn and/or optimize your website to attract ridiculous traffic to your content, these books are for you.

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Loads of New Stats Including DropBox, Airbnb, Alibaba, Baidu, Box and More

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This week, I am working double-time to chip away at the mounds of new stats that have accumulated over the past few weeks and get the more interesting ones posted. Tonight’s updates include a bunch of new stats for digital companies of all sizes and from all over the globe. This is the first of 3 days of updates, so be on the lookout for tomorrow’s updates, which include a bunch of interesting Facebook stats, among others.

17 Updated User Totals Including Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Facebook Messenger, JD, Netflix, QQ, Paypal Pinterest and WeChat

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My most recent round of user total updates was a big one. Between public companies reporting quarterly earnings, a few private companies offering new tallies and a few gems from earlier this year that I missed in previous rounds, this round includes some of the biggest names in the digital world.

Below are the newly updated totals. For about 800 more user totals, be sure to visit my big list.

How Many People Use Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Other Top Music Streaming Services


There are a bunch of music streaming services in existence. No doubt, there will be quite a bit of attrition and consolidation in this space as many of them struggle to turn a profit in spite of large operating costs.

So how many people are using these services? I wondered that recently, so I decided to investigate…

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How To: Drive Traffic to Your Website (Infographic)


With almost a billion websites in existence and endless more popping up everyday, trying to get a little traffic heading in your direction can be a pretty big challenge. Trust me, I know. It is a daily struggle to build a following and then maintain it and relying on just one source like search or social is a very risky move. There are a bunch of ways to (legitimately) drive traffic to your website.

What Every Marketer Needs to Know About Content Marketing


Small/mid-sized businesses are in a tough situation with regard to content marketing. They stand to benefit from it greatly in the form of brand awareness, positioning and lead generation, but professional marketing advice comes with a pretty significant price tag. This is why I have begun creating the DMR Content Marketing Toolkit series of eBooks.

This series of eBooks is perfect for small/mid-sized businesses and pretty much anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of content marketing. Each helpful guide will tackle a different aspect of content marketing starting with establishing the right web platform for content distribution and working through content development, distribution and measurement. For a small fraction of what you would pay an agency for, you get solid guidance for doing content marketing the right way and generating critical inbound sales leads.

How To: Speed Up Your Website and Increase Pageviews


With the recent mobile explosion, the need for a fast-loading website has never been greater. Your average website visitor is only going to wait so long for a page to load before they give up and move on to another site. In fact, according to Kissmetrics, nearly half of web users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less[1]. This behavior is magnified when talking about mobile visitors. Your average person searching for something on their phone generally has less time to do it in and less patience.

Need more evidence that page speed matters? There have been rumors that Google has been testing a slow website tag in search results. This may or may not come to fruition as Google is constantly testing new search features almost daily and only a few of them stick, but it still illustrates that the issue is critical enough for Google to be concerned about page speed as a user experience issue for their searchers.

These days, page speed is almost as much of a moving target and inexact science as SEO is. You just can’t strip down your site of all images and functionality to make it lightening quick. There are features you need on your content marketing site to be successful and images are a must for any content site these days. What is important is to be able to measure the load speed of your site’s pages (note: load time can vary greatly form page to page on the same site, depending on what kind of content the page contains), identify which elements of your site are the time sucks and figure out if you really need them and if you do, how to optimize them.

How To: Stay Creative (VIDEO)

creative video

In my searches for something interesting to share on a lazy spring morning, I came across this video from TO-FU design on staying creative. It is such a simple video, yet so well designed that I actually watched it a couple of times. If you need a few reminders about how to keep the creative juices flowing, here are 29 ways you may want to consider. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.