21 of the Coolest Bluetooth Speakers You can Actually Buy Now

OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Home audio equipment sure has evolved over the past decade or so. Gone are the days of boomboxes and compact stereos ruling your office, dorm and den bookshelves. Now, thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can stream pretty much whatever you want from your mobile device or computer to tiny speakers that sound as good, if not better, than their clunky ancestors.

Speaker makers have been pretty creative in designing their various Bluetooth offerings. Here are a few of the coolest Bluetooth speaker designs I’ve seen so far. As with all of my gadget posts, check back in the future as I will be adding more to this gallery as I come across them.

The Top 5 Benefits to Employee Content Sharing (Infographic)


With content marketing all the rage and social media noise at an alarming rate, businesses, especially small businesses, need to utilize any and all content sharing possibilities available to them. Employees can offer a great opportunity to amplify the reach of the valuable content your company is developing to a receptive and relatively targeted audience.

By the Numbers: 9 Crazy GoDaddy Statistics

godaddy statistics

Everyone knows GoDaddy. While the internet domain registrar isn’t in the same league as a Google, Facebook, Microsoft or Apple, they certainly have made a name for themselves. They recognized early on that registering domains wasn’t exactly an interesting or sexy service, so they went heavy on large-scale promotions and have successfully become a powerhouse in their field.

So just how successful has GoDaddy become? This week, I put my expert-level Google skills to work and dug up a few stats.

By the Numbers: 14 Amazing PayPal Statistics

paypal logo

Relatively speaking, PayPal has been around forever which makes it easy to take for granted. That said, who would’ve thought that the little service we used to pay for eBay impulse purchases 10 years ago would become such an eCommerce force and still going strong in 2015?

One would think that an online banking platform used by 150+ million people would have an abundance of interesting stats and PayPal certainly doesn’t disappoint. Here are a few of the more interesting PayPal statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

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By the Numbers: 12 Amazing BuzzFeed Statistics

BuzzFeed statistics

While some traditionalists in journalism cringe at the mention of BuzzFeed, there is no doubt the media disrupter has built up quite the successful conglomerate in a few short years. I am sure you have seen their articles in your social feeds, but have you ever wondered just how many people view and share BuzzFeed’s content? I was curious, so I did a little searching recently…

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By The Numbers: 8 Interesting Meerkat Statistics

meerkat statistics

Every year, there is a new darling of the digital world coming out of South By Southwest (SXSW). This year was no different, with the brand new live-streaming app Meerkat taking its place as the clear darling of the digital influencers at SXSW 2015. Despite taking a pretty significant blow just before the start of SXSW, when Meerkat’s access to Twitter was limited, their stats coming out of the event show that it didn’t slow their growth much.

Whether Meerkat can survive the cold shoulder (and possible competition) from Twitter remains to be seen. In the meantime, here are a few of the more interesting Meerkat statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

By the Numbers: 23 Amazing Kickstarter Statistics

kickstarter statistics

One of the most innovative products to come out of this most recent digital revolution is one that is aimed at spotlighting other innovative projects. For over five years, Kickstarter has been an excellent resource for inventors and creators to solicit the financial support of others in their niche in hopes of making their dreams reality. We can thank Kickstarter for tens of thousands of funded projects including the Pebble smartwatch and Oculus Rift.

With a site dedicated to crowdfunding projects, there are certainly plenty of stats available to sift through. Here are some of the more impressive Kickstarter statistics I’ve been able to dig up recently. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

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