10 Things You Didn’t Know About Earth Day

Last Updated on: January 8th, 2024

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote actions that help protect our planet.

I thought it might be interesting to do a bit of a deep dive into this important holiday. I hope you enjoy these factoids and learn a thing or two about Earth Day that you didn’t know.

Fun Facts About Earth Day

  1. Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22nd, 1970, and it is now recognized in more than 190 countries around the world.
  2. The idea for Earth Day came from US Senator Gaylord Nelson, who wanted to create a day to promote environmental awareness after witnessing the devastation caused by a massive oil spill in California in 1969.
  3. The first Earth Day was celebrated by an estimated 20 million people in the US alone, making it one of the largest demonstrations in history.
  4. Earth Day 2021 marked the 51st anniversary of the holiday, with the theme of “Restore Our Earth.”
  5. Each year, Earth Day is marked by a different theme. Some past themes have included “Protect Our Species,” “End Plastic Pollution,” and “Climate Action.”
  6. In 2016, the Paris Agreement on climate change was signed on Earth Day, marking a major step forward in the fight against global warming.
  7. Earth Day is now recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, with billions of people participating in activities and events each year.
  8. The Earth Day Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and activism, was founded in 1990.
  9. Earth Day is also celebrated in schools around the world, with educational activities and events focused on environmental issues.
  10. Earth Day is an important reminder that we all have a responsibility to take care of our planet, and that even small actions can make a big difference in protecting our environment for future generations.

Earth Day is an important holiday that serves as a reminder of the urgent need to protect our planet and address environmental issues. By raising awareness and taking action, we can work together to create a more sustainable and healthy world for ourselves and future generations.

So there you have it. Hopefully you now know 10 more things about Earth Day than you did 10 minutes ago.

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