Facebook’s Nearby Friends Feature and Why You Should Remain Cautious

It’s understood that, due to the advent of the Internet and social media thereafter, face-to-face communication is a less common endeavor. While it’s easy to become comfortable with something like text messaging, though, sometimes the desire to actually see a friend or family member is stronger than any kind of digital means. Enter Nearby Friends, which is the latest feature integrated by Facebook in order for users to see where their friends are.

Customer-Centric Sales: What Modern Retail Success is All About

Cloud computing isn’t just for the 2000s anymore. The dot-coms of the 1990s paved the way for a new business model, even if it was a bit sloppy. Rudimentary cloud-based computing promised software in the cloud and provided simple word processors and video players. While that might be fine for the retail market, businesses’ main concern is sales and consumer-grade products just don’t cut it as “innovation.”

Email Deliverability 101 (Infographic)

Email has been with us for a long time now and despite the likes of Twitter and Facebook competing for our attention, the fact that there are close to 3 billion email accounts in use is prove if any was needed that emailing is still an effective way of communicating with others across the internet.

Engagement: Is It Twitter’s Greatest Problem?

Even though Twitter’s definition of an “active” user is clear enough, I’m not too sure how this is going to fare in the long run. Keep in mind that it is because of constant engagement that users will be more inclined to tweet and socialize with others. This is the case for just about any social networking site.