4 Things to Consider for a Website Redesign


Every few years most sites do a website redesign to catch up with the new features and trends in the design industry. Your website is how you are going to show off your brand. It’s all about having the best user experience, so if you haven’t updated your website in quite some time, maybe you should consider it. There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a professional designer. Don’t try and save money to do it yourself, because in the end you will probably just end up hiring a web developer anyway.

The Selfie; Has Your Brand Got The Picture?


It is an undeniable fact that the entire world is ‘selfie’ obsessed, but has your business got the picture when it comes to maximising the benefit of this trend?

Selfie, 2013’s word of the year, has quickly taken the social media world by storm and it’s now totally engrained in not just our online, but our everyday lives. The hashtag and the selfie are arguably the strongest couple of the 21st century and have quickly become a fundamental part of modern-day life.

You Prob Won’t Believe How Many UK Moms Use WhatsApp (New and Updated WhatsApp Stats)


One digital company that has been relatively quiet in terms of releasing user statistics is WhatsApp. A few user total milestones have trickled out since Facebook purchased the company, but little else.

Last week, Facebook broke this pattern by talking a bit about WhatsApp. This gave me enough material to do a round of updates to my WhatsApp stats page. Here are just a few of the new or updated stats from this round.