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He are all the Amazon statistics and facts I have been able to dig up in my travels.  As always, if I stumble across more Amazon stats that are worth sharing I will be sure to update this post.

Amazon Statistics sure has evolved over the past 25 years. Starting out as predominantly an online bookstore, they have grown significantly and quickly into the digital retailer of choice for consumers in the U.S. and beyond. Amazon has literally transformed the retail industry by giving consumers the ability to get exactly what they want in almost the same amount of time as it takes to go to their local mall or department store. They have forced Fortune 500 retailers to change their entire approach and build their own online platforms to keep up.

Today, Amazon continues to evolve, adding original programming, home automation and extensive mobile capabilities. They've even dabbled in brick and mortar retail with the purchase of the Wholefoods Grocery chain and the establishment of Amazon Go stores in some markets. With such a diverse portfolio of products and services, there is much about Amazon that can be measured. Below is all the data fit to measure. I hope you find it helpful.

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Amazon Facts

Amazon History

  • 1994 - Cadabra Inc is incorporated in Washington State.
  • 1995 - Cadabra becomes Amazon and goes live as an online bookstore
  • 1996 - Amazon incorporates in Delaware
  • 1997 - Amazon goes public
  • 1998 - Amazon purchases IMDB
  • 1999 - Jeff Bezos named Time Person of the Year
  • 2001 - Amazon turns its first profit
  • 2008 - Amazon purchases Audible
  • 2009 - Amazon purchases Zappos
  • 2103 - Amazon purchases Goodreads
  • 2014 - Amazon purchases Twitch
  • 2017 - Amazon purchases Whole Foods
  • 2017 - Amazon purchases Souq
  • 2018 - Amazon purchases Ring
  • 2018 - Amazon purchases PillPack
  • 2018 - Amazon announces it will open 2 additional headquarters (Crystal City, VA and New York, NY)
  • 2021 - Amazon announces Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos will transition to Executive Chair

Amazon Statistics

Amazon number of customers:

Amazon isn't quite as forthcoming as other digital companies with releasing their overall user totals, but this is the best I've been able to dig up.

300 million Amazon users

Last updated 2/12/17

For an Amazon Prime user total, please see this post.

Number of Amazon customers after its first year:

1.5 million Amazon customers

Actually not a bad total given it was the very early days of the internet, but still hard to believe Amazon ever being that small.

How many people work for Amazon?

647,500 employees

Last updated 1/1/19

It takes tons of people to get you your packages as quickly as Amazon does.

Percent of Amazon employees that are men:


Last updated 3/24/16

Percent of Amazon employees that are women:


Last updated 3/24/16

Number of Amazon employees in Europe by the end of 2019:


Last updated 7/24/19

Amazon's minimum wage:


Last updated 1/1/19

Average monthly users for the Amazon mobile app:

30 million Amazon MAU

Last updated 7/20/16

Again, Amazon is a tough nut to crack when it comes to user totals, so this is the best total I could find. I'm sure its much higher now.

How many sellers does Amazon have?

2 million Amazon sellers

Last updated 1/1/18

More than just Amazon is profiting off their platform. Millions of third party sellers offer products as well.

Amazon market cap:

$900 billion

Last updated 4/12/19

Amazon is now one of the most valuable companies on the planet.

Number of warehouse robots Amazon currently employs:

45,000 robots

Last updated 1/4/17

Amazon share of US search ad revenue:


Last updated October 2019

Top product listing factor that correlates most with Amazon ranking:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (sales rank)

Last updated 4/12/16

Reported amount Amazon paid for Whole Foods:

$13.7 billion

Increase in Amazon App holiday shopping from 2016-2017:


Number of items ordered on Amazon during Cyber Week 2017:

140 million items

Amazon's share of 2017 online holiday retail sales:

between 45-50%

Amazon's biggest shopping day ever:

Cyber Monday 2017

Projected amount Amazon will spend on shipping in 2017:

$21 billion

Last updated 11/23/17

Number of small and medium sized US business that sell on Amazon:

1 million

Last updated 5/3/18

Number of Amazon users in India:

100 million

Last updated 10/12/18

Amazon's market share in India:


Last updated 5/18/18

Amazon's projected share of the US digital ad market:


Last updated 9/19/18

Number of people that own an Amazon Fire TV device:

50 million

Last updated 1/1/21

Number of monthly visits to from a mobile browser:

162 million

Last updated 3/27/19

Number of monthly Amazon app users:

122 million

Last updated 3/27/19

Percentage of US online shoppers that are on the Amazon mobile app:


Last updated 1/17/17

Percentage of Amazon mobile shopper visits that come through their app:

42%, yet those users account for 85% of all mobile time spent with Amazon

Last updated 3/27/19

85% of people who admit to drunk online shopping say their go-to for drunk shopping is Amazon.

Estimated net worth of Amazon owner Jeff Bezos:

$115 billion

Last updated 4/12/19

Amazon's share of the US online grocery market:


Last updated 1/17/18

Amazon's share of US online consumer goods sales:


Last updated 7/29/19

Number of products in Amazon Storefronts:

1 million

Last updated 9/17/18

Number of sellers in Amazon Storefronts:


Last updated 9/17/18

Amazon's share of the US online apparel and footwear market:


Last updated 5/4/18

Amazon's share of the European online apparel and footwear market:


Last updated 5/4/18

Amazon's share of the US apparel market:


Last updated 1/14/17

Number of UK companies using Amazon Business:


Last updated 11/21/17

Percentage of Amazon Payments users that are Amazon Prime users:


Last updated 2/7/17

Amount Amazon paid for Souq:

$583 million

Amount Amazon paid for Ring:

$839 million

Amount Amazon paid for PillPack:

$753 million

Number of lobbyists that Amazon employs:


Last updated 4/5/18

Percentage of FedEx's annual revenue that Amazon accounted for before they severed their relationship in 2019:


Number of Amazon Business customers:

1 million

Last updated 7/27/17

Number of sellers available on Amazon business:

85,000 sellers

Last updated 7/27/17

Amazon Revenue Statistics:

Amazon net sales (annual):

Amazon North America sales growth (YOY):

Amazon North America sales (annual):

Amazon International sales growth (YOY):

Amazon International sales (annual):

Amazon net income (annual)

With the size of infrastructure Amazon had to build up to scale to the size they are today, it took quite a while for the company to turn a profit. I'd say they are making up for it pretty quickly...

Amazon net sales (quarterly):

Amazon net income (quarterly):

Amazon growth in net sales year-over-year:

Percentage of Amazon annual revenue that is recognized in the 4th quarter:

Amount Amazon spends on marketing and advertising annually:

Total first-party (Amazon) sales on Amazon in 2018:

$117 billion

Total third-party sales on Amazon in 2018:

$160 billion

Projected amount that Amazon will earn in net US digital ad revenue:

$1.65 billion

Last updated 10/26/17

Amazon's share of total US retail in 2018:


Amazon's share of US retail ecommerce (annual)

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Percentage of web shoppers that go directly to Amazon for product searches:


Last updated 10/6/15

Reported amount Amazon is spending on video content annually:

$3 billion

Last updated 12/5/16

Number of Amazon sellers with sales of $100,000 or more in 2016:


Number of Amazon Dash buttons:

250 buttons

Last updated 1/25/17

Percentage of Amazon US customers that purchase from it at least once a month:


Last updated 12/21/16

Percentage of Amazon US customers that purchase from it at least once a week:


Last updated 12/21/16

YOY increase in Amazon media (print and ebook) sales from 2015-2016:


Number of Amazon Payments active users in 2016:

33 million users

Number of countries that Amazon Payments had users in during 2016:

170 countries

YOY growth in Amazon Payment users from 2015-2016:


Percentage of Amazon Payment purchases made on mobile devices:


Last updated 2/7/17

Average Amazon Payment purchase in 2016:


Largest single Amazon Payment transaction in 2016:


Amazon Fire TV's share of streaming device sales:


Last updated 11/30/15

Number of items that were shipped through Amazon Prime or Fulfillment by Amazon during the 2016 holiday shopping season:

200 million items

Amount Amazon reportedly spent on 2016 holiday TV advertising:

$135 million

Amazon's Share of UK Paid Search Advertising:


Last updated 2/21/17

Amazon's share of the Chinese ecommerce market:


Last updated 2/22/17

Amazon's share of 2015 Black Friday ecommerce sales:


Number of brands that are available on Amazon Dash:

150 brands

Percentage of shoppers during the holiday season 2015 that made their purchases from a mobile device:


Percentage of U.S. consumers that planned on doing most of their online shopping at


Last updated 12/17/15

Number of channels/apps/games available on Amazon Fire TV:


Last updated 12/17/15

Number of Amazon mobile developers:


Last updated 1/13/15

Number of products purchased from Amazon Marketplace Sellers in 2014:

2 billion

YOY increase of Amazon sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon service (FBA) in 2014:

65% increase

Number of clothing items available on

30 million items

Last updated 1/20/16

Average number of books added to Amazon per hour:

12 books

Last updated 8/21/14

Number of products purchased from Amazon Marketplace Sellers in 2014:

2 billion

Estimated number of books available on Amazon:

3.4 million books

Last updated 8/21/14

Number of countries with Amazon sellers in them in 2014:

100 countries

Number of countries in which Amazon sent packages via FBA to in 2014:

185 countries

Total number of units ordered, worldwide, from Amazon sellers on Cyber Monday 2014:

16 million units

YOY increase in orders processed by Amazon payments on Cyber Monday 2014:


Percentage of Amazon customers that placed an order on a mobile device during the 2014 holiday season:


Avg number of toys sold per second on Amazon using a mobile device on Cyber Monday 2014:

18 toys per second

Percentage of smartphone owners that use an Amazon app:


Last updated 10/8/13

Number of Amazon Instant Video users:

25 million

Last updated 11/23/14

Number of Amazon Fire Phones sold in first 25 days of availability:


Number of Twitter mentions of Amazon on Black Friday 2014:


Number of Twitter mentions of Amazon on Cyber Monday 2014:


Number of countries the Amazon Appstore is available in:


Last updated 4/11/14

Number of apps and games in the Amazon Appstore:


Last updated 6/16/14

Number of items that Amazon sold on Cyber Monday 2013:

37 million

Last updated 12/30/13

Average number of items that Amazon sold on Cyber Monday 2013:


Last updated 12/30/13

Number of items shipped from Amazon Marketplace sellers in 2013:

1 billion

Last updated 1/9/14

Number of countries Amazon Marketplace sellers shipped items to during the 2013 Holiday Season:


Last updated 1/9/14

Number of cities Amazon Marketplace sellers shipped items to during the 2013 Holiday Season:


Last updated 1/9/14

Percentage of Amazon customers that shopped via mobile during 2013 Holiday season:


Last updated  12/27/13

Percentage of books sold on Amazon that are ebooks:


Last updated 2/10/14

Number of digital media items available on Amazon:

27 million

Last updated 12/26/13

Number of digital music tracks delivered from Amazon AutoRip:

2 billion

Last updated 1/30/14

Amazon's annual revenue from book sales:

$5.25 billion

Last updated 2/10/14

Percentage of Amazon annual sales that comes from book sales:


Last updated 2/10/14

Amazon's inventory turnover rate in 2013:


Number of Amazon employees in the UK:


Last updated 2/19/17

Number of jobs Amazon created in 2014 in Europe:


Amount Amazon spent on lobbying in 2015:

$19.07 million

Growth in Amazon Instant Video users from 2011-2014:


Last updated 4/2/14

Amazon's share of online video consumption:


Last updated 4/9/14

Amount that spending on Amazon decreases when an online sales tax is adopted:


Last updated 4/22/14

Amount Amazon spent for access to HBO's older shows:

$300 million 

Number of movies and TV episodes available on the Kindle Fire TV:


Last updated 4/24/14

Number of times #AmazonCart has been tweeted:

157,000 times

Last updated 5/19/14

Percentage of Amazon US mobile users that access it on a smartphone:


Last updated 7/22/14

Percentage of Amazon US mobile users that access it on a tablet:


Last updated 7/22/14

Number of items available for AmazonFresh:

over 500,000

Last updated 7/24/14

Percentage of US that can access Amazon Sunday delivery:


Last updated 7/24/14

Total number of active customers with a vehicle in the Amazon Garage:

14 million

Last updated 7/24/14

Number of products in (Amazon India):

17 million

Last updated 7/24/14

Amazon's percentage of Italy's total ecommerce market in 2015:


Amazon's percentage of India 's total ecommerce market in 2015:


Amount that Amazon reportedly spent on lobbying in 2015:

$9.07 million

Number of books available in Amazon's MatchBook program:


Last updated 10/29/13

Amount Amazon spent on R&D in 2012:

$4.6 billion

Last updated 10/30/13

Amount that Amazon spent on Google U.S. search ads in 2013:

$157.7 million

Number of Amazon warehouses:


Last updated 8/30/13

Amount Amazon spent on Research & Development in 2017:

$23 billion

Amount Amazon spent on lobbying in 2017:

$13 million

Amount of grocery products Amazon sold online in 2017:

$2 billion

Kindle Statistics

Number of Amazon Kindle books written in Spanish:


Last updated 8/29/13

Kindle Fire percentage of tablet web usage in North America:


Last updated 7/22/14

Number of Amazon Kindles shipped in Q4 2013:

5.8 million

Tablet market share for Amazon Kindles in Q4 2013:


Number of Kindle Fires sold in 2013:

9 million

Kindle Fire's share of all tablets sold in 2013:


Number of Kindle Direct Publishing authors that sold over 100,000 copies of their books:


Percentage of books sold on Amazon in US that are Kindle titles:


Last updated 2/10/14

Number of eBooks in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited library:


Last updated 7/18/14

Number of audiobooks in Amazon's Kindle Unlimited library:


Last updated 7/18/14

Number of books available in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library:


Last updated 4/24/14

Amazon's share of US and Canada tablet usage:


Last updated 7/22/14