LinkedIn Statistics and User Count (2023)

Last Updated on: May 16th, 2023

LinkedIn Statistics 2023 and LinkedIn user count

Here are a few of the most interesting LinkedIn statistics and facts I was able to dig up including LinkedIn user counts. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

LinkedIn statistics, user count and facts 2023

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media platform that connects professionals from around the world. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn has become the largest online professional network, with over 900 million members globally. Whether you’re looking to find a new job, connect with potential clients and customers, or simply expand your professional network, LinkedIn provides a unique and valuable platform for achieving your goals.

Beyond just being a platform for connecting with other professionals, LinkedIn has also become an essential tool for personal and professional development. With its vast array of features, including the ability to showcase your work history, skills, and achievements, LinkedIn provides a valuable resource for advancing your career and building your professional reputation. Whether you’re a job seeker, business owner, or simply looking to stay informed about the latest industry news and trends, LinkedIn offers a wealth of opportunities for growth and success. In this post, we will explore what LinkedIn is, how it works, and how you can use it to achieve your goals.

LinkedIn History

  • 2002 – LinkedIn is founded
  • 2003 – LinkedIn officially launches
  • 2005 – LinkedIn launches a premium subscription tier
  • 2008 – LinkedIn mobile launches
  • 2008 – LinkedIn advertising launches
  • 2011 – LinkedIn goes public
  • 2012 – LinkedIn purchases SlideShare
  • 2012 – LinkedIn adds endorsements feature and launches influencers program
  • 2015 – LinkedIn purchases
  • 2016 – Microsoft purchases LinkedIn
  • 2020 – LinkedIn sells SlideShare to Scribd

LinkedIn Statistics

LinkedIn User Count

LinkedIn user count:

930 million users

Last updated 5/2/23

Number of LinkedIn users after its first month:


Percentage of LinkedIn users that visit it daily:


Last updated 2/8/19

Number of LinkedIn users in the U.S.:

202 million users

Last updated 5/2/23

Number of LinkedIn users by country:

LinkedIn Revenue Totals

Size of LinkedIn’s advertising business:

$5 billion annually

Last updated 4/4/23

Additional LinkedIn Stats

Number of LinkedIn Service Marketplace users:

2 million users

Last updated 10/27/21

Number of languages supported by LinkedIn:

25 languages

Last updated 12/2/21

Geographical reach of LinkedIn:

200 countries

Last updated 12/13/22

LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views.

Last updated 1/4/17

Adding a photo to your profile makes you 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn.

Last updated 8/3/16

Linked In profiles with photos get 21 times more profile views.

Last updated 1/4/17

LinkedIn profiles with photos get 36 times more messages.

Last updated 1/4/17

Number of LinkedIn users that share content on it weekly:

3 million

Last updated 2/8/17

Total number of LinkedIn endorsements:

10 billion

Last updated 10/19/16

Listing 5 or more skills in your LinkedIn profile will get you up to 17 times more profile views

Last updated 1/9/18

Percentage of LinkedIn members that consider professional networking important to their career success:


Last updated 4/13/17

Average number of articles published on LinkedIn weekly:


Last updated 4/24/17

Average number of connections per LinkedIn user:


Last updated 4/24/17

Number of standard skills listed on LinkedIn:


Last updated 9/30/20

Number of LinkedIn Employees:


Last updated 1/2/18

Number of articles created on LinkedIn each week:


Last updated 2/8/19

Number of LinkedIn users that are senior level influencers:

61 million

Last updated 2/8/19

Number of LinkedIn users that are in decision-making positions:

40 million

Last updated 2/8/19

Number of LinkedIn users in Russia before it was banned:

6 million

Percentage of Australia’s 18+ population that are on LinkedIn:


Last updated 10/22/21

Most connected country on LinkedIn:

United Arab Emirates

Last updated 4/24/17

Most connected place on LinkedIn:

London, United Kingdom

Last updated 4/24/17

Most connected Industry on LinkedIn:

Staffing and Recruiting

Last updated 4/24/17

Most connected job function on LinkedIn:


Last updated 4/24/17

Percentage of LinkedIn posts that were about COVID-19 in March-April 2020:

roughly 25%

Increase in engagement on LinkedIn posts about COVID-19 in April 2020 (over non-COVID posts):

30% more engagement

Number of people that attended an event on LinkedIn in 2020:

21 million people

Increase in LinkedIn members since Microsoft purchased them:


Last updated 7/23/19

Amount that Microsoft bought LinkedIn for:

$26.2 billion

Total number of LinkedIn company pages:

55 million company pages

Last updated 9/30/20

Top 5 most-followed LinkedIn pages (source):

  1. TED Conferences
  2. Google
  3. Amazon
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Microsoft

Last updated 8/27/19

Number of School and University profiles on LinkedIn:

90,000 schools

Last updated 9/30/20

Total number of LinkedIn groups:

over 2 million

Last updated 8/15/18

Number of LinkedIn members that belong to at least one group on it:

more than half

Last updated 8/15/18

Number of active job listings on LinkedIn:

11 million jobs

Last updated 9/30/20

Number of LinkedIn users that have added ‘Open to Work’ to their profile photo:

2.5 million

Last updated 9/24/20

Average number of job applications submitted on LinkedIn monthly:

100 million

Last updated 2/28/19

Number of US companies that use LinkedIn to recruit:


Last updated 3/7/18

Number of Gen Z LinkedIn users:

78 million users


LinkedIn Facts

  • Website: Official Website
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA
  • Founder(s): Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Valiant
  • Current Chief Executive: Jeff Weiner
  • Parent Company: Microsoft
  • Subsidiaries / Brands:
  • App Download (iOS)
  • App Download (Android)

Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these LinkedIn statistics come from their own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. No information contained on DMR should be relied upon to make investment decisions. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100%.

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