Facebook Statistics and User Count (2023)

Last Updated on: May 18th, 2023

Facebook Statistics 2023 and Facebook user count

Here are a few of the most interesting Facebook statistics and facts I was able to dig up including Facebook user counts. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Facebook Statistics 2023 user count FactsThe story of Facebook is legendary: A group of Harvard University students, led by Mark Zuckerberg, got together in 2004 to create a social network to create a social network within the Harvard community. It quickly proved to be a success and spread to other colleges across the northeast and then from coast to coast. Finally, in 2006, it was opened up to the world and its unprecedented, exponential growth began, continuing to this day.

Facebook has become one of the most influential platforms in the world of technology, with billions of active users and a wide range of features that allow people to connect and share information. Understanding the latest Facebook statistics is essential for businesses and marketers looking to leverage the platform to reach new customers and grow their brand. In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the latest Facebook statistics, providing insights and trends on usage, demographics, engagement, and advertising. From the number of daily active users to the average time spent on the platform, these statistics will help you understand the power of Facebook and how to use it to your advantage.

Facebook History

  • Year Facebook launched: 2004 (as TheFacebook)
  • Year TheFacebook was changed to Facebook: 2005
  • Year News Feeds were introduced: 2006
  • Year Facebook opened up to everyone over the age of 13: 2006
  • Year pages were introduced: 2007
  • Year that Facebook Chat launched: 2008
  • Year that Facebook became the most-used social network globally: 2009
  • Year that usernames were introduced: 2009
  • Year the Like button was introduced: 2009
  • Year that Timelines were first introduced: 2011
  • Year that Facebook Chat became Facebook Messenger: 2011
  • Year the Bug Bounty program launched: 2011
  • Year of Facebook’s IPO: 2012
  • Year the App Center launched: 2012
  • Year Facebook bought Instagram: 2012
  • Year Facebook joined the Fortune 500: 2013
  • Year Facebook joined the S&P 500: 2013
  • Year that Graph Search launched: 2013
  • Year that Facebook Home launched: 2013
  • Year that clickable hashtags were introduced: 2013
  • Year Facebook bought WhatsApp: 2014
  • Year Instant Articles launched: 2015
  • Year that Reactions were introduced: 2016
  • Year that Deep Text was announced: 2016
  • Year Workplace was announced: 2016
  • Year Facebook Spaces was announced: 2017
  • Year Facebook Stories launched: 2017
  • Facebook changes its parent company name to Meta: 2021

Facebook Statistics

Facebook User Count

How many people use Facebook?

In short, a lot! Here is a breakdown of how many people use Facebook daily and monthly and a brief breakdown of where their users come from.

Facebook monthly active users (MAU):

2.963 billion monthly active users (MAU) global

266 million users in the US and Canada

407 million users in Europe

1.312 billion users in Asia-Pacific

(Source, 2022)

Facebook daily active users (DAU):

2 billion Facebook users global

199 million users in US & Canada

304 million users in Europe

854 million users in Asia-Pacific

(Source, 2022)

Number of Facebook users by geography:

City with the largest number of Facebook users in the world: 

Bangkok (35 million users)

Facebook Revenue Totals

Facebook Annual Revenue:

Facebook’s annual revenue has been steadily growing over the past decade year-over-year. Here is a quick rundown of their total revenue reported by year.

  • 2022: $116.609 billion
  • 2021: $117.929 billion
  • 2020: $85.965 billion
  • 2019: $70.697 billion
  • 2018: $55.838 billion
  • 2017: $40.653 billion
  • 2016: $27.600 billion
  • 2015: $17.900 billion
  • 2014: $12.466 billion
  • 2013: $7.870 billion
  • 2012: $5.090 billion

Other Revenue Stats:

  • Percentage of Facebook revenue that comes from the US & Canada: 48% (2019)
  • Percentage of Facebook revenue that comes from Europe: 24.3% (2019)
  • Percentage of Facebook revenue that comes from Asia-Pacific: 17.8% (2019)
  • Amount of revenue Facebook was estimated to have lost in its widespread outage in October 2021: $60 million

Additional Facebook Stats

Here is a rundown of recent data related to Facebook’s demographics and usage.

  • How many people work for Facebook? 71,970 employees (Facebook 2022)
  • Number of people that visit Facebook Watch every month: 1.25 billion people (2020)
  • Percentage of Facebook monthly users that use it daily: 66% (2019)
  • Percentage of all US adults over the age of 50 that use Facebook: 50% (2018)
  • Percentage of all US adults aged 25-49 that use Facebook: 80% (2018)
  • Average number of Facebook friends for women: 166 (2016)
  • Percentage of all digital time that is spent on Facebook each day: 3% (2018)
  • Degrees of separation between every Facebook user: 57  (2016)
  • Percentage of US Internet users, aged 14-17 (teens) that use Facebook: 65% (2017)
  • Percentage of US teens, ages 13-17, that use Facebook: 51% (2018)
  • Percentage of US residents, ages 12-34 that use Facebook: 62% (2019)
  • Percentage of US residents, ages 35-54 that use Facebook: 69% (2019)
  • Percentage of US residents, age 55+ that use Facebook: 53% (2019)
  • Percentage of online US adults that use Facebook: 68% (2018)
  • Percentage of internet users, age 16-64, that log onto Facebook more than once a day: 23% (2018)
  • Number of Facebook users, aged 12-17, in the UK: 2 million (2018)
  • Number of Facebook users, aged 18-24, in the UK: 5 million (2018)
  • Number of monthly active Facebook users in Africa: 170 million (2017)
  • Number of Facebook ‘users’ that are fake: 120 million (2019)
  • Percentage of Facebook users that are fake: 5% (2019)
  • Number of people that use Facebook Groups: 1.8 billion (2021)
  • Number of Facebook users that are acting as admins or moderators of active Facebook Groups: 70 million users (2021)
  • Percentage of Facebook users that connect with co-workers on it: 87% (2019)
  • Average amount of time per day that American’s spend on Facebook: 38 minutes per day (2019)
  • Percentage of news images that appear on Facebook that include images depicting just men: 53% (2019)
  • Percentage of news images that appear on Facebook that include images depicting just women: 22% (2019)
  • Lines of code for Facebook: 100 million lines of code (2019)
  • Size of the Facebook FTC fine in their July 2019 settlement: $5 billion
  • Amount Facebook invested in Jio in April 2020: $5.7 billion 
  • Number of Facebook posts (all time): 2 trillion posts (2016)
  • Number of Facebook Live broadcasts: 3.5 billion (2018)
  • Number of people that have watched a Facebook Live broadcast: 2 billion (2018)
  • Facebook Gaming’s share of the video game live streaming market: 5.3% (2019)
  • Number of people that play games on Facebook each month: 380 million people (2020)
  • Average number of people in the US that play cloud games on Facebook monthly: 1.5 million people (2021)
  • Percentage of Facebook users that took a break of several weeks from it in 2018: 42%
  • How many people play games on Facebook? 700 million monthly players (2019)
  • Percentage of active Facebook users that visit it multiple times a day: 51% (2018)
  • Percentage of active Facebook users that log onto it more than once a day: 74% (2018)
  • Number of Facebook Events users: 700 million users (2018)
  • Time spent on Facebook per user per day: 5 minutes (2018)
  • Number of people who use Facebook Stories: 500 million daily users (2019)
  • How many people use Workplace by Facebook? 5 million users (2020)
  • Number of small businesses on Facebook: 200 million (2021)
  • Total number of active Facebook advertisers: 7 million (2019)
  • Number of Facebook advertisers that use Stories ads: 3 million (2019)
  • Number of people that have enrolled in Facebook Protect: 9 million (2022)

Facebook Facts

  • Website: Official Website
  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA
  • Founder(s): Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes
  • Current Chief Executive: Mark Zuckerberg
  • Subsidiaries / Brands: Messenger, Instagram, Oculus VR, WhatsApp, Giphy
  • App Download (iOS)
  • App Download (Android)

Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these Facebook statistics come from their own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. No information contained on DMR should be relied upon to make investment decisions. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100%.

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