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Last Updated on: May 16th, 2023

McDonalds Statistics restaurant count revenue totals facts 2023 Statistics 2023

Here are a few of the most interesting McDonalds statistics and facts I was able to dig up including restaurant count, revenue totals and employee counts. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

McDonalds Facts

Here is pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about McDonalds.

McDonalds Statistics restaurant count revenue totals facts 2022McDonald’s started modestly with two bothers from Manchester, New Hampshire heading out to California to start a small barbecue restaurant. Never could they have imagined that their humble business would turn into a staple of pop culture for generations globally with close to 37,000 locations across the globe.

Of course, as most people know from the recent docudrama “Founder,” the real jump start in McDonald’s growth in reach and footprint came in the mid-to-late 1950’s when a traveling salesman, Ray Kroc, convinced the McDonald brothers to replicate their fast food concept and system by selling franchises across the country. This was the true beginning of the McDonalds as we know it, but also the beginning of the end of the McDonald brothers’ involvement in their beloved restaurant.

Fun Facts:

Location of first McDonald’s that featured the iconic Golden Arches:

Phoenix, Az

Location of Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s franchise:

Des Plaines, Ill

The first mascot for McDonald’s was a chef named Speedee.

Willard Scott (yes THAT Willard Scott) played the original Ronald McDonald character.

Location of first McDonald’s:

San Bernardino, CA

McDonalds History

  • Year first McDonald’s opened: 1940
  • Year that Ray Kroc joined McDonald’s: 1955
  • The iconic McDonald’s Golden Arches debut: 1962
  • The Filet-O-Fish debuts: 1962
  • Year that Ronald McDonald made his debut: 1965
  • The first McDonald’s opens outside the US: 1967 (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
  • The Big Back debuts: 1968
  • McDonald’s “You Deserve a Break Today” marketing begins: 1971
  • The first McDonald’s in Asia opens: 1971 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • The Egg McMuffin debuts: 1972
  • The Quarter Pounder debuts: 1973
  • The first Ronald McDonald House opens: 1974
  • The first McDonald’s drive-thru window opens: 1975
  • The Happy Meal debuts: 1979
  • Chicken McNuggets debut: 1981
  • First year that Monopoly at McDonald’s was played: 1987
  • The first McDonald’s opens in China: 1990
  • Year smoking was banned in McDonald’s restaurants: 1994
  • McDonald’s purchases minority stake in Chipotle: 1998

McDonalds Restaurant Count

How many McDonalds locations are in the world?

How many McDonalds are in the world?

How many McDonald’s are in the US:

14,000 restaurants

Last updated 6/18/20

Number of McDonald’s locations in China:


Last updated 3/19/16

Number of McDonald’s restaurants in Japan:

Last updated 3/19/16

Number of McDonald’s restaurants in the UK:

Last updated 3/19/16

Number of McDonald’s restaurants in Canada:

Last updated 3/19/16

McDonalds Employee Count

How many employees does McDonald’s have globally:

1.9 million

Last updated 3/17/19

Average number of workers McDonald’s hires annually in the US:

1 million

Last updated 11/25/15

Additional McDonalds Statistics

McDonald’s number of customers:

25 million customers served daily

Last updated 6/18/20

Number of MyMcDonald’s Rewards members:

25 million sign-ups to date

Last updated 12/7/22

Number of downloads of the McDonald’s mobile app:

127 million

Last updated 1/1/23

Number of McDonald’s you can mobile order at:


Last updated 1/1/19

Average wait time at a McDonald’s drive-thru:

208.16 seconds
Last updated 1/23/17

Average wait time at a McDonald’s drive-thru in 2006:

167.1 seconds

McDonald’s drop in US visits in 2016:


Number of McDonald’s restaurants that offer delivery:

7,800 restaurants
Last updated 7/26/17

Number of countries McDonald’s offers delivery in:

47 countries
Last updated 7/26/17

The number one item ordered through McDonald’s delivery service is the Double Cheeseburger.

Number of McDonald’s Monopoly pieces that were printed in 2016:

500 million

Percentage of McDonald’s Happy Meals that offer a fruit, vegetable or low-fat or dairy-free option:


Last updated 3/17/19

McDonald’s ownership share of Chipotle in 2005:

90% (before they sold it)

Number of eggs McDonald’s USA buys annually:

2 billion
Last updated 9/9/15

Average number of hamburgers sold at McDonald’s per minute globally:

75 hamburgers

Last updated 8/20/10

Amount of fries McDonald’s sells every day globally:

9 million pounds of fries

Last updated 5/9/15

Number of Big Macs sold each year:

550 million

Last updated 11/10/15

Number of countries McDonald’s has restaurants in:


Last updated 1/1/19

Percentage of McDonald’s restaurants that are franchises:

Last updated 1/1/19

Number of McDonald’s restaurants that are franchises:


Last updated 1/1/19

Percentage of McDonald’s restaurants that are in the US:


Last updated 3/19/16

Percentage of McDonald’s global revenue that comes from the US:


Last updated 3/19/16

Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these McDonalds statistics come from their own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. No information contained on DMR should be relied upon to make investment decisions. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100%.

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