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Google+ Lowers Age Restriction to 13

Google+ VP of Product Management, Bradley Horowitz, announced Thursday that the social network was lowering its minimum age limit from 18 to 13.

Google announced a week or so ago that any new Google accounts will be signed up for Google+, by default. Since the minimum age for a Gmail account is 13, this change in Google+ is most likely an effort to bridge that gap.

This move puts Google+’s age restrictions more in line with many of the other major social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Changing the minimum age may lead to a number of digital marketing implications, including:

How To: Be a Public AND Private Individual on Facebook

Many people who use Facebook for personal and work reasons struggle to find the balance between sharing somewhat personal info with friends and sharing with the world. Creating and maintaining a separate page is a boatload of work and, depending on the size of your following, may not be worth it.

In the past, you pretty much had to make the decision- do I make my life public? or do I just shut out everyone I don’t actually know? Most people elected to keep their friend list to those individuals that were close friends and thus, they were not able to enjoy some of the business benefits of growing your network and personally branding yourself.

How To: Read the Facebook Messages You Probably Don’t Know You Have

Did you know about Facebook’s ‘other’ messages folder? I didn’t.

I always thought Facebook did a decent job at notifying me of incoming messages. I get a notification at the top of the website and push notifications on my phone and iPad. I thought I was always on top of things when it came to receiving and responding to messages.

Come to find out, I was on top of receiving and responding to SOME of my incoming messages, in particular, just the messages sent from friends.

Facebook is Trying to Help Us Tag Our Photo Locations

While hanging around Facebook yesterday, I noticed something new. In the right sidebar (above the ads), there appeared a new section that displayed three of my photos and asked if they took place in a particular place.

For example, under the cover photo for an album containing my pictures from a Red Sox game this past summer was a suggestion that they took place at Fenway Park, Boston, MA.

How To: Add a Facebook Subscribe Button to a WordPress Blog

A few months ago, Facebook enabled subscriptions for personal profiles. Subscribers only see what you make ‘public’ on your Facebook profile. Much like the anyone you put on your restricted list, subscribers never see any posts or wall items that you send only to friends.

The point of subscriptions is to keep popular individuals from having to create a brand page for themselves. So far, Journalists and Celebrities have really taken to the new subscription model.

This week, Facebook released the ‘subscribe’ button for websites. This button works like many of its social button predecessors, and allows you to subscribe to an individual’s public feed without having to leave the person’s site.