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Spotify statistics and Facts

Here are a few Spotify statistics I was able to dig up so far including how many people use Spotify and much more. As with all of my stat posts, this one will be updated whenever I stumble on new and interesting stats. Be sure to subscribe to my site updates and/or check back regularly to see the latest Spotify statistics.

Spotify statistics and FactsSpotify sure has grown up in a relatively short period of time. It seems like only yesterday that the rumors were swirling about this foreign music service that was looking to enter the U.S. To this news, many of us rolled our eyes and said "why do we need another music streaming service?"

Well, after a decade stateside, it appears that a bunch of people made the decision that they did indeed need another music streaming service and Spotify was the one. 200+ million people are now actively using the service and they haven't shown much let-up yet.

With a user base as large as Spotify's, there are a number of interesting areas to measure the services growth by Here are the Spotify stats you need to know. I hope you find this data helpful.

Spotify Facts

What is Spotify?

Spotify brings you the right music for every moment – on computers, mobiles, tablets, home entertainment systems, cars, gaming consoles and more. (source)

Spotify Competitors:

YouTube, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, Apple Music, Tencent Music

Spotify Statistics

How many users does Spotify have?

How many Spotify paid subscribers?

Number of Spotify ad-supported users:

Number of Spotify installs on Android devices:

500 million

Last updated 4/18/19

How many songs on Spotify?

50 million songs

Last updated 2/24/20

Number of songs added per day to Spotify:

Over 20,000

Last updated 8/22/14

Spotify's share of the global music streaming market:


Last updated June 2017

Amount Spotify has paid out to labels, publishers and collecting societies for music rights:

$5 billion

Last updated 11/5/16

Number of Spotify playlists:

2 billion

Last updated 2/17/18

Number of Spotify playlists that get created or edited daily:

5 million

Last updated 8/21/14

Average number of hours users listen to Spotify:

1.7 billion hours

Last updated 11/17/15

Amount of music streamed on Spotify in 2015:

20 billion hours

Percentage of Spotify listening that takes place on a phone:


Last updated 1/12/15

Percentage of Spotify listening that takes place on a tablet:


Last updated 1/12/15

Average amount of daily listening for cross-platform (mobile & desktop) Spotify users:

148 minutes

Last updated 2/19/16

Percentage of Spotify users that link their Facebook accounts:


Last updated 1/10/15

Number of countries Spotify is available in:

61 countries

Last updated 2/17/18

Percentage of Spotify users that tune in multiple times a week:

over 80%

Last updated 1/9/16

Number of Spotify employees:

6,554 employees

Last updated 1/1/21

Number of songs that have reach 1 billion plays on Spotify:


Last updated 3/30/19

Number of Spotify users in the US:

26 million

Last updated 4/29/19

Number of Spotify users in India:

2 million

Last updated 4/29/19

Number of countries Spotify Lite is available in:


Last updated 5/13/19

Number of Spotify Lite installs to date:

2.1 million

Last updated 5/13/19

Percentage of Spotify users that have used Pandora at least a few times a month:


Last updated 5/14/15

Number of user-generated Spotify playlists that have emoji in their titles:

35 million

Last updated 5/2/17

Most emoji'ed artists on Spotify:


Last updated 5/2/17

Percentage of Spotify listeners that are millennials:


Last updated 4/17/16

Estimated percentage of Spotify active users that are male:


Last updated 5/14/15

Estimated percentage of Spotify active users that are female:


Last updated 5/14/15

Artist with the best day for streams of a single album on Spotify:

Drake (More Life on March 3, 2017)

Artist with the most streams in a single day on Spotify:

Drake (March 3, 2017)

Number of Spotify users that regularly listen to music from India:

4 million

Last updated 1/14/19

First song to hit 500 million Spotify streams:

"Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

Number of markets that Spotify is available in:

79 markets

Last updated 8/15/19

Number of podcasts available on Spotify:

700,000 podcasts

Last updated 2/5/20

Spotify Revenue Statistics:

Spotify revenue (annual):

Spotify revenue (quarterly):

Spotify net loss (annual):

Reported value of Spotify:

about $19 billion

Last updated 12/15/17

Spotify History

  • 2008 - Spotify launches in Europe
  • 2011 - Spotify launches in the US
  • 2012 - Follow and Discover features added
  • 2014 - Listening time limits for free users are removed
  • 2015 - Discover Weekly is launched
  • 2015 - PlayStation Music launches
  • 2017 - Spotify invests in Tencent Music (and visa versa)
  • 2018 - Spotify goes public

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Most streamed artist on Spotify in 2015:


Most streamed female on Spotify in 2015:


Most streamed Song on Spotify in 2015:

Lean On (by Major Lazer)

Most streamed album on Spotfiy in 2015:

Beauty Behind the Madness (by The Weeknd)

Most streamed artist on Spotify (all time):

Ed Sheeran

Last updated 12/1/15

Most musical day on Spotify in 2015:

June 19th

Number of streams for Spotify's "Discover Weekly" playlist:

5 billion

Last updated 5/25/16

Number of Spotify users that use the Discover Weekly feature:

40 million

Last updated 5/25/16

Top streamed music genre on Discover Weekly:


Last updated 5/25/16

Most streamed artist on Spotify in 2014:

Ed Sheeran

Most streamed artist on Spotify in 2013:

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Most streamed song on Spotify in 2014:

Happy by Pharell Williams

Time of the day that Running and Workout playlists are most played on Spotify:

between 5-7:30pm

Number of workout playlists that have been created on Spotify:

over 9 million

Last updated 1/9/16

Spotify's most-streamed running song of 2015:

"Run the World (Girls)" by Beyonce

Spotify's second most-streamed running song of 2015:

"Chandelier" by Sia

Amount of music Spotify Running users have listened to:

5 million hours

Last updated 1/7/16

Number of miles Spotify Running users have logged:

34.5 million miles

Last updated 1/7/16

Percentage of Spotify's Discover Weekly listeners that save at least one song to their own playlists:


Last updated 10/8/15

Percentage of Spotify's Discover Weekly listeners that stream five or more tracks:


Last updated 10/8/15

Number of streams of Beatles songs that took place the first 3 days they were available on Spotify:

70 million streams

Number of Spotify playlists dedicated to commuting:

2 million playlists

Last updated 1/8/16

Number of new advertisers Spotify picked up in 2015:

2,000 advertisers

Average amount of daily listening for Spotify users on PlayStation:

88 minutes/day

Last updated 9/30/15

Number of tracks streamed by Spotify users on PlayStation:

5 billion

Last updated 4/15/16

Top artist on Spotify in 2016:


Most streamed female artist on Spotify in 2016:


Most streamed male artist on Spotify in 2016:


Most streamed track on Spotify in 2016:

One Dance (feat. WhizKid and Kyla) - Drake

Most streamed album on Spotify in 2016:

Views - Drake

Most streamed playlist on Spotify in 2016:

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