Walmart Statistics, Store Count, Revenue Totals and Facts (2021)

Here are a few of the most interesting Walmart statistics and facts I was able to dig up including store count, revenue totals and employee counts. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

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Walmart Facts

What is Walmart?

Fifty years ago, Sam Walton started a single mom-and-pop shop and transformed it into the world’s biggest retailer. Since those founding days, one thing has remained consistent: our commitment to helping our customers save money so they can live better. (source)

Walmart History

  • Year first Walmart opens: 1962
  • The first Walmart outside Arkansas opens: 1968
  • Year Walmart goes public: 1970
  • The first Sam’s Club store opens: 1983
  • The first Walmart Supercenter opens: 1988
  • Walmart enters China: 1996
  • Walmart enters India: 2009
  • Walmart purchases Vudu: 2010

Walmart Store Count

Number of Walmart stores:

10,800 Walmart stores globally

Last updated 2/1/21

How many Walmart stores outside the US

5,993 stores

Last updated 4/24/19

Walmart international store counts (as of 1/31/19):

  • Number of Walmarts in Africa: 436
  • Number of Walmarts in Argentina: 92
  • Number of Walmarts in Canada: 411
  • Number of Walmarts in Central America: 811
  • Number of Walmarts in Chile: 371
  • Number of Walmarts in China: 443
  • Number of Walmarts in India: 22
  • Number of Walmarts in Japan: 332
  • Number of Walmarts in Mexico: 2,442
  • Number of Walmarts in United Kingdom: 633

How many Walmarts in the US

4,769 stores

Last updated 4/24/19

Number of Walmart Supercenters in the US:


Last updated 4/24/19

Walmart Employee Count

How many employees does Walmart have?

2.2 million Walmart employees

Last updated 2/1/21

Walmart Revenue Totals

Walmart revenue (annual):

Walmart Annual Revenue Chart FY1986-FY2021 (in billions)

Walmart revenue (quarterly):

Walmart Quarterly Revenue _Chart FY2014-FY2021 (in billions) (1)

Walmart operating income (annual):

Walmart Annual operating income Chart FY2006-FY2021 (in billions) (1)

Walmart eCommerce sales (annual)

Walmart eCommerce Sales Chart FY2015-FY2019 (in billions)

Walmart eCommerce Sales Chart FY2015-FY2019 (in billions)

Walmart Statistics

Number of personal shoppers employed by Walmart:


Last updated 4/30/20

How many products does Walmart sell?

75 million different products

Last updated 2/1/18

Number of Walmart suppliers:


Last updated 4/24/19

Number of items for sale on

60 million

Last updated 10/23/17

Number of Sam’s Club stores:


Last updated 4/24/19

How many people shop at Walmart?

275 million weekly customers

Last updated 4/24/19

Number of countries Walmart has stores in:

27 countries

Last updated 4/24/19

Walmart’s share of US online consumer goods sales:


Last updated 7/29/19

Number of Walmart employees in US:

1.5 million

Last updated 4/25/19

Number of Walmart employees outside the US:


Last updated 4/25/19

There is a Walmart store within 10 miles of 90% of the US population.

Last updated 9/7/18

Number of Walmart ‘Scan to Buy’ users in China:

10 million

Last updated 9/11/18

Average number of monthly visitors to

20.4 million

Last updated 2/1/19

Number of products available on

59,000 skus

Last updated 2/1/19

Number of Sam’s Club employees in the US:


Last updated 3/16/16

Percentage of sales that come from non-store inventory:


Last updated 4/1/15

>Number of countries with dedicated Walmart ecommerce websites:


Last updated 11/14/17

Percentage of Walmart employees that are women:


Last updated 4/1/15

Percentage of Walmart employees that are men:


Last updated 4/1/15

Percentage of Walmart management that began as hourly associates:

about 75%

Last updated 3/16/16

Number of Walmart associates that have been there for 10+ years:


Last updated 3/16/16

Average monthly visits to

45 million

Last updated 3/16/16

Amount that Walmart reportedly purchased for:

$3 billion

Amount Walmart paid for Bonobos:

$310 million

Walmart fiscal 2016 net sales from the US:

$298 billion

Walmart fiscal 2015 net sales from the US:

$288 billion

Walmart fiscal 2016 net sales from international sales:

$140.4 billion

Walmart fiscal 2015 net sales from international sales:

$141 billion

Sam’s Club net sales (annual):

Number of Walmart stores that offer grocery pickup:

1,200 stores

Last updated 3/14/18

Number of items Walmart offers for next-day delivery:


Last updated 6/7/19

Average amount Walmart JetBlack customers spend monthly:


Last updated 6/7/19

Percentage of Walmart sales that still come from their brick and mortar stores:


Last updated 5/31/19

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Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others. A few of these Walmart stats come from their own reports, but some are based on news reports and not official company tallies. No information contained on DMR should be relied upon to make investment decisions. Basically, this is the best I can find and I don’t guarantee anything to be 100%.

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