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Facts About Target

Here are the more interesting facts about Target I was able to dig up including number of employees, sales and revenue numbers and store information. As always, I will be adding more and updating these periodically as I find new stuff. Be sure to check back regularly.

The Target corporation is an interesting company to study and measure. They are currently the number two discount store in the US (behind Walmart), but their roots go back much further than many of you might think.

Facts About TargetTarget actually trace back to 1902, when it began as Goodfellow Dry Goods. It then evolved to Dayton's Dry Goods to Dayton Company to Dayton-Hudson Corporation and then the Target Corporation in 2000.

Target's footprint in the US is vast with more than  1,800 domestic stores and close to 350,000 employees. They are a force to recon with in the brick and mortar retail market, as well as the digital retail world as they adopted digital early on and have invested considerably in digital integration throughout this decade, setting them up to be able to remain competitive as digital monsters like Amazon swallow up retailers that were late to the digital game.

So with such a long history and so many stores, it made sense to me that there was plenty that could be studied about Target and measured.

Please note that some of these facts about Target are easier to find than others, so some of these are based on news reports and not official company tallies. All stats are linked to their source unless it was sent to me directly from the company. No stat listed on DMR should be considered in making any type of investment decision. In other words: This is the best I can find, but I don't guarantee anything.

Facts About Target

  • Website: Target.com
  • Year founded: 1903 (as Dayton Dry Goods); 1962 (as Target)
  • Location of first Target store: Roseville, Minnesota
  • Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
  • Founder: George Dayton
  • CEO: Brian Cornell

Target History

  • 1903 - Goodfellows Department Store is purchased by George Dayton and renamed Dayton Dry Goods
  • 1962 - The Dayton Company opens the first Target
  • 1966 - B.Dalton Bookseller opens as another subsidiary of the Dayton Company
  • 1986 - B Dalton is sold to Barnes & Noble
  • 1995 - The first SuperTarget opens
  • 1999 - Bullseye (the dog) became the Target mascot
  • 2000 - Dayton-Hudson Corp changes its name to Target Corporation
  • 2011 - Target expands into Canada
  • 2013 - Target is victim to a major data breach
  • 2015 - Target exits Canada
  • 2019 - Target launches their Good & Gather brand

Key Target Competitors:

Facts About Target

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Target Statistics

How many Targets in the US?

1,900 stores

Last updated 1/1/21

How many employees does Target have?

350,000 employees

Last updated 10/27/18

Number of Target distribution centers in the US:


Last updated 10/27/18

Number of Target Cartwheel mobile app users:

27 million users

Last updated 1/24/17

Amount that Cartwheel users have saved using the app:

$600 million

Last updated 1/24/17

Average number of daily visitors to Target.com:

1.2 million daily visitors

Last updated 3/29/16

Average number of pages per visit to Target.com:

6.7 pages per visit

Last updated 3/29/16

Average time spent per visit on Target.com:

4 minutes per visit

Last updated 3/29/16

Median age of a Target customer:

40 years old

Last updated 10/27/18

Percentage of Target.com visitors that are female:


Last updated 3/29/16

Percentage of Target.com visitors that are male:


Last updated 3/29/16

Median household income of Target shoppers:


Last updated 10/27/18

Percentage of Target customers that have children:


Last updated 10/27/18

Percentage of Target customers that have completed college:


Last updated 10/27/18

Number of countries Intl.Target.com has shipped to:

108 countries

Last updated 12/17/16

Number of Good & Gather products available at launch in September 2019:

650 products

Last updated 8/19/19

Average number of cookies that are handed out weekly to Children at SuperTarget stores:

25-50,000 per week

Number of pharmacies in Target stores:

1,672 pharmacies

Last updated 2/3/16

Number of clinics in Target stores:

79 clinics

Last updated 2/3/16

Number of Target-owned brands that  bring in $1 billion+ in annual sales:

10 brands

Last updated 2/3/16

Number of items Target makes under the Market Pantry brand:

1,900+ products

Last updated 2/3/16

Amount CVS Health purchased Target's pharmacy and clinic businesses for:

$1.9 billion

Percentage of Target's sales that comes from eCommerce:


Last updated 11/17/16

Amount Target plans to spend on remodeling its stores 2017-2019:

$7 billion

Target Store Counts by State (as of 2/2/19):

  • Alabama: 22
  • Alaska: 3
  • Arizona: 47
  • Arkansas: 9
  • California: 287
  • Colorado: 42
  • Connecticut: 20
  • Delaware: 3
  • District of Columbia: 1
  • Florida: 123
  • Georgia: 50
  • Hawaii: 7
  • Idaho: 6
  • Illinois: 94
  • Indiana: 31
  • Iowa: 20
  • Kansas: 17
  • Kentucky: 13
  • Louisiana: 15
  • Maine: 5
  • Maryland: 39
  • Massachusetts: 46
  • Michigan: 53
  • Minnesota: 73
  • Mississippi: 6
  • Missouri: 35
  • Montana: 7
  • Nebraska: 14
  • Nevada: 17
  • New Hampshire: 9
  • New Jersey: 47
  • New Mexico: 10
  • New York: 82
  • North Carolina: 51
  • North Dakota: 4
  • Ohio: 63
  • Oklahoma: 15
  • Oregon: 20
  • Pennsylvania: 75
  • Rhode Island: 4
  • South Carolina: 19
  • South Dakota: 5
  • Tennessee: 30
  • Texas: 150
  • Utah: 14
  • Vermont: 1
  • Virginia: 59
  • Washington: 37
  • West Virginia: 36
  • Wyoming: 2

Target Sales Statistics:

Target annual revenue:

Percentage of Target's 2018 revenue that came from sales of beauty & household essentials:


Percentage of Target's 2018 revenue that came from sales of food & beverage:


Percentage of Target's 2018 revenue that came from sales of apparel & accessories:


Percentage of Target's 2018 revenue that came from sales of hardlines:


Percentage of Target's 2018 revenue that came from sales of home furnishings & decor:


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