How Many People Use 1000+ of the Top Social Media, Apps and Digital Services?

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Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others, so some of these are based on news reports and not official company tallies. All stats are linked to their source unless it was sent to me directly from the company. It is also difficult, at times, to distinguish monthly users from total user accounts. In other words: This is the best I can find, but I don’t guarantee anything.

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CafeMom: 30 million monthly unique visitors

Last updated 8/11/14

Call of Duty Black Ops 2: 12 million monthly active users

Last updated 11/5/15

Camera+: 14 million users

Last updated 9/10/15

Camera360: 400 million users

Last updated 2/6/15

Candy: 250,000 users

Last updated 5/21/14

Candy Crush Saga: 474 million monthly unique players

Last updated 11/2/15

Canva: 4 million users

Last updated 8/10/15 11 million users

Last updated 8/4/14

Care2: 31 million users

Last updated 8/17/15

Careem: 300,000 users

Last updated 6/3/15

Carmudi: 5 million monthly users

Last updated 2/17/15 6 million users

Last updated 12/16/14

CarTrade: 1 million unique monthly buyers

Last updated 10/16/15

Catfiz: Still searching

Chang Ba: 130 million users

Last updated 4/2/14

Chaatz: Still Searching 90 million users

Last updated 3/3/15

ChatRandom: 20 million users

Last updated 8/24/13

Chatwala: Still searching

China Mobile Wireless: 822.9 million subscribers

Last updated 10/29/15

China Telecom Broadband: 111.09 million subscribers

Last updated 10/29/15

China Telecom Wireless: 194 million subscribers

Last updated 10/29/15

China Unicom Wireless: 287.6 million subscribers

Last updated 10/29/15

China UnionPay: 260 million internet and mobile payment users

Last updated 9/29/15

Chope: 250,000 registered users

Last updated 8/6/14

Chotot: 150 million pageviews

Last updated 12/16/13

Chromecast: 20 million devices sold

Last updated 9/29/15

Chunyu Yisheng: 30 million users

Last updated 11/4/14

Circle: 4 million registered users

Last updated 8/15/13

CircleMe: Still Searching Still Searching

Civilization: 31 million games sold

Last updated 8/10/15

Clash of Kings: 65 million downloads

Last updated 8/16/15 57 million users

Last updated 10/16/15

Cleartrip: Still Searching

How many people use Cloob: 3 million users

Last updated 5/31/15

CloudFlare: more than 2 million websites

Last updated 4/29/15

Clozette: 300,000 members

Last updated 11/23/13

Cluster: Still searching 45 million students

Last updated 10/18/14

Codecademy: 25 million users

Last updated 11/7/14

Comcast/Xfinity: 22.3 million TV customers; 22.55 internet customers

Last updated 7/23/15

CommonFloor: 5 million monthly visitors

Last updated 12/24/14

Confide: Still Searching

Consumr: 1 million reviews

Last updated 1/29/14

Convo: 15,000 companies

Last updated 10/16/15

Cooliris: 3 million users

Last updated 2/8/13

Cotap: 20,000 companies

Last updated 8/17/15

Coub: 50 million users

Last updated 7/29/14

Coupang: 12.35 million users

Last updated 12/12/14

Couple: 1 million users

Last updated 3/23/13

Coursera: 15 million students

Last updated 9/22/15

Crackle: 18 million users

Last updated 4/9/15<

Craigslist: 60 million users

Last updated 6/27/14

Crazy Panda Games: 110 million registered users

Last updated 12/11/14

CreateTrips: Still Searching

CreativeLive: 2 million users

Last updated 11/14/13

Crowdfire (formerly JustUnfollow): 10 million users

Last updated 2/24/15

Crowdworks: 80,000 crowdsourced workers

Last updated 12/2/13

Crunchyroll: 5 million users

Last updated 5/29/15

Ctrip: 250 million users

Last updated 10/15/15

Cubie: 12 million users

Last updated 3/12/15

Curse Voice: 1 million active users

Last updated 12/15/14

CyanogenMod: 50 million users

Last updated 8/9/15

Cymera: 1.6 million users

Last updated 8/19/13

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  • Mike

    MeetMe , Hi5 … Those sites still have a TON of users believe it or not. Very popular social networks they are