How Many People Use 1000+ of the Top Social Media, Apps and Digital Services?

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Here is my monthly, running tally of how many people are using many of the top social media, digital services and mobile apps updated for November 2015 (the best I could find, at least).

This list grows pretty regularly. It began with a simple listing of some of the obvious social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, YouTube, WhatsApp,, Odnoklassniki, etc; then grew to include digital services like Amazon, Google, eBay, Netflix, Spotify and Pandora; then the focus turned to APAC social and digital properties like Alibaba, Weibo, WeChat,, LINE and Momo and lately I have been focused on updating current listings, adding in new ones along with smaller niche ones that I may have overlooked at the beginning. This post now includes over 900 listings and more are added almost weekly.

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15Five: Still Searching

199Jobs 4,000 users

Last updated 9/9/14

23snaps: 500,000 users

Last updated 3/7/14

2C2P: Still Searching

2go: 50 million users

Last updated 12/9/14

360 Mobile Assistant: 275 million active users

Last updated 10/16/15

4chan: 20 million users

Last updated 1/21/15

4shared: 150+ million monthly visitors

Last updated 8/17/15

500px: 6 million users

Last updated 10/15/15

55tuan: 34.1 million subscribers

Last updated 9/30/14 200 million monthly users

Last updated 4/17/15

8tracks: 8 million users

Last updated 3/9/14

99 Wuxian: 49 million registered users

Last updated 11/2/15

99designs: 850,000 designers

Last updated 9/25/14

9Apps/9Game: 140 million monthly active users

Last updated 11/6/15

9GAG: 3 million daily users

Last updated 5/12/15 85 million monthly users

Last updated 9/2/14 4.5 million users

Last updated 6/10/14 25 million users

Last updated 9/28/15

Accellion: 12 million users

Last updated 9/12/15

Acquia: 3,500 customers

Last updated 7/31/15

Adblock: 40 million users

Last updated 10/2/15

Adblock Plus: 50 million active users

Last updated 9/30/15

AddThis: 15 million active domains

Last updated 6/24/15

Adobe Creative Cloud: 50 million users

Last updated 9/7/15

Airbnb: 20 million users

Last updated 12/1/14

Alibaba: 350 million active users

Last updated 3/31/15

Alignable: Still Searching

Alipay: 350 million users

Last updated 6/19/15

Social Network Users

Allrecipes: 30 million monthly unique visitors

Last updated 10/13/15

Amazon App Store: 240 million active users

Last updated 6/27/14

Amazon AWS: 1 million active enterprise customers

Last updated 10/7/15

Amazon Prime: 40 million users

Last updated 7/9/15 244 million users

Last updated 5/21/15

Amplify: Still Searching

Android: 1.4 billion users

Last updated 9/29/15

AngelList: 1,300 startups; 21,000 investors

Last updated 9/23/13

Anghami: 11 million users

Last updated 3/25/15

Angie’s List: 2.3 million users

Last updated 8/21/14

Animoto: 10 million users

Last updated 4/29/14

Antenna: 4 million users

Last updated 10/23/14 10 million users

Last updated 5/22/14

Anzhi Forum: 500 million registered users

Last updated 8/17/15

Anzhi Market: 200 million users

Last updated 7/25/15 200,000 users

Last updated 11/21/13

Apple GameCenter: 240 million users

Last updated 6/10/13

Apple Music: 15 million subscribers

Last updated 9/21/15

Apple News: 40 million users

Last updated 10/27/15

Apple TV: 25 million devices sold

Last updated 9/9/15

AppLock: 100 million users

Last updated 9/8/15

Appy Couple: Still Searching 180 million monthly active users

Last updated 8/14/14

AT&T U-Verse Broadband: 14.3 million users

Last updated 10/22/15

AT&T Wireless: 126.4 million subscribers

Last updated 10/22/15

AucFan: 381,000 users

Last updated 9/12/14

Audioboom: 4.3 million registered users

Last updated 9/17/15

Autonavi: 171 million users

Last updated 2/27/14

Avast: 230 million users

Last updated 10/29/15

AVG: 200 million users

Last updated 3/4/15

Aviary: 75 million users

Last updated 7/10/14

Avocado: Still Searching

Azendoo: 300,000 users

Last updated 9/14/15

Please note that some of these numbers are easier to find than others, so some of these are based on news reports and not official company tallies. All stats are linked to their source unless it was sent to me directly from the company. It is also difficult, at times, to distinguish monthly users from total user accounts. In other words: This is the best I can find, but I don’t guarantee anything.

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  • Mike

    MeetMe , Hi5 … Those sites still have a TON of users believe it or not. Very popular social networks they are