How To: Unlock the foursquare “I Voted” Election 2012 Badge

I Voted foursquare Badge

foursquare announced the launch of their “I Voted” app this week. The app uses the Google Civic Information API to provide users with information about polling places, the candidates and any additional ballot questions. In conjunction with the app launch, the social network also announced the return of the I Voted foursquare badge.

3 Important Benefits of Digital Public Relations. Benefit 2: Content Generation

First and foremost, when it comes to blogging, you can never have too much quality content. The blogs with the highest subscription rates generally all post regular and often. A lapse in posting for a prolonged period can lead to a drop off in visitors, which will take a while to get back. That being said, it can be really tough sometimes to generate regular content, especially if your company doesn’t have a dedicated blogger. This is where digital public relations comes in.

3 Important Benefits of Digital Public Relations. Benefit 1: SEO

Over the next few days, I will be covering three critical areas of digital marketing that a quality digital public relations strategy can directly impact: SEO, Blogging and Social Media. I hope this series of posts will help you understand where we see PR heading and how critical it can be to online branding and lead generation.