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By the Numbers: 8 Amazing Shazam Statistics


When having a conversation about digital heavyweights, the odds are good that Shazam comes up all that often. Shazam is just one of those apps that we all have and generally take for granted. Since it doesn’t have the user-to-user interaction that social networks and messaging apps have, we don’t think about just how massive a user base Shazam has.

News came out this week that Shazam is adding new features like connectivity to music streaming services and popularity charts. Shazam is also rumored of late to be heading to an IPO. This news got me wondering what kind of usage an app like Shazam gets. What I found was pretty amazing….

By the Numbers: 12 Interesting Spotify Statistics (December 2014)

Spotify sure has grown up in a relatively short period of time. It seems like only yesterday that the rumors were swirling about this foreign music service that was looking to enter the U.S. To this news, many of us rolled our eyes and said “why do we need another music streaming service?”

Well, after a few years stateside, it appears that a bunch of people made the decision that they did indeed need another music streaming service and Spotify was the one.

How Mobile Technology is Revolutionizing Travel Buying Behavior


The rise of mobile technology has made way for a more connected consumer and revolutionised the concept of shopping.

Exceptional mobile devices coupled with super-fast connectivity means that we can now browse and complete tasks anywhere, faster and more efficiently than ever before. And this is no different for the air travel industry. In fact, according to SITA’s annual IT Trends Survey, 70% of airline executives believe that mobile apps will be an equally dominant sales channel as more traditional methods by 2015.

For airline executives to get the most of this rapidly emerging technology, they must first understand about how buying behaviour can be influenced by it.