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What Was the Most Overused LinkedIn Profile Word of 2014? (New and Updated LinkedIn Stats)

linkedin business page and group statistics

I spent a little quality time updating my LinkedIn posts over the past week. In addition to some awesome user stat and revenue updates they released recently in their quarterlies, I also found about 30 more interesting stats about their demographics, company pages and job postings. Below is a quick sampling of these new and updated LinkedIn stats. Be sure to visit the posts linked at the bottom for hundreds more.

10 Indispensable Productivity Apps for Working on the Go


In today’s fast moving digital and information age, many of us are working on the go and still others are telecommuting and also working from home. Enter the app, easily and conveniently downloaded to our omnipresent handheld devices. These clever tools offer many solutions, valuable tools, information and important data on our smaller screens while we’re on the go.

So without any further adieu, here are ten great mobile apps for those of us who seem to be constantly on the move:

Big Twitter Stat Updates


In the four years I have been keeping track of digital stats for you all, I have never run into a shortage of twitter stats. Next to Facebook, Twitter is arguably the second-most studied and quantified social network on the planet.

This month is no different than previous and I just concluded a huge round of Twitter stat updates and additions. Because the main Twitter post was testing too cumbersome to manage, I spun off a new page dedicated to Twitter stats that impact businesses. Here is a quick sample of some of my most recent updates. Take a look at all of my newly-updated Twitter stat posts and, as always, be sure to check back often for new updates.

9 Reasons Your Business Should be Listening Online

laptop and stethoscope

Following on from last weeks blog post, here are 9 brilliant reasons why social media listening is vital for every brand:

1. Gain real market research on your brand: People post honestly on social media (good and bad), so if someone doesn’t like your brand…they’ll certainly tell you so. Social media allow you to gain real insights, opinions and experiences from real customers in real-time, and this in itself is priceless.