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How Many Users Did WeChat Remove Due to Prostitution Ties? (New and Updated Weibo and WeChat Stats)


I spent a little quality time with a couple of my more popular Chinese stat posts. Chinese super-networks Weibo and Wechat recently filed their quarterly financial reports and offered up a few interesting tidbits. The stats don’t flow out of some of our Asian friends as freely as most of the Western digital companies, so I pounce on them when available and update my posts quickly.

Below are a few of the more interesting WeChat and Weibo stats from this round of updates. Keep in mind that there are now dozens of stats listed in my Weibo and WeChat posts, so use the links below to check out each of the posts if you are looking for more.

What is the Best Day and Time to Post on LinkedIn? (New and Updated LinkedIn Stats)


As the quarterly financial statements for the publicly traded digital companies continue to roll in, so do the stat updates. This weekend’s round of stat additions and updates were to my LinkedIn stat posts.

If you haven’t noticed, LinkedIn has become quite a bit more active recently. I am trying to find some solid engagement stats that measure this recent growth to share with all of you, but haven’t found anything god yet. The uptick in activity is conspicuous enough that someone will do a study on it soon, especially with long-form posts becoming available to the masses.

Anyways, here are some of the stats I was able to dig up.

How To: Take the Perfect Selfie (Infographic)


Whether we like it or not selfies are still here and just as popular as ever. The media buzz about them may have been ratcheted down a notch or two, but people are still shaping pics of themselves and sharing their best shots with the world at a good clip.

While I don’t condone or encourage selfie-snapping, if you must do it, you might as well do it right. Our friends at Adorama and Nowsourcing recently released this fun infographic that lays out the basics of taking the perfect selfie.

Brands are Taking the Wrong Approach to Social and Here is How to Fix That


Social media is undeniably an integral part of our daily routine and brings huge benefits to both our business and personal lives. As these benefits become more apparent, an increasing number of brands and businesses are integrating social media into their overall marketing strategies. These platforms give brands a free and invaluable way to connect with clients (both current and potential), spread brand warmth, monitor competitors, manage customer service, gain customer insights and drive website traffic….so what’s not to love?
Yet, many brands are jumping feet first into the social media realm without truly understanding the basics; mainly, how to post content. This seems like a no-brainer to some people, yet many brands still don’t know the most basic and fundamental ‘rules’ of social media. Yes, social media is integral to your brand, but going out all guns blazing with no planning or strategy may in fact do more harm than good.

Care to Guess How Often Hashtags are Suggested in Wedding Programs? (New and Updated Twitter Stats)


Twitter released their quarterly financials late last week and included with the dollars and cents, were some nice user stat updates. All of the user and revenue stats from the filing are now included in my Twitter stat posts along with some other interesting stats that popped up recently in various reports.

Below are a few of the more interesting Twitter stats from this round of updates. Keep in mind that there are now over 200 stats listed in my Twitter posts, so use the links below to check out each of the posts if you are looking for more.