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Facebook has HOW Many Daily Users Now?!? (New and Updated Facebook Stats)


Facebook released their quarterly earnings report earlier today and all of my Facebook stats posts have been updated. Lots of good stuff about mobile, monthly and daily users along with revenue stuff. I also worked in a number of other stats I have had sitting in my logjam over the past few weeks.

As always, this slideshow is only a sample of what I have for new Facebook stats. Be sure to visit all of my Facebook posts, listed at the bottom of this post, for hundreds more.

What Was the Most Downloaded Game from the Google Play Store in 2014? (New and Updated Android Stats)

Android stats

With an endless stream of new digital stats coming out recently (and countless more coming out over the next few weeks with quarterly earnings reports), I have made it a goal to get slightly more caught up over the next few weeks. First up is Google’s Android OS and Play Store. There have been a bunch of new year-end and market share stats lately, so here are some of the more interesting ones for your Slideshare viewing pleasure. As always, be sure to check out the full post for dozens more Android Stats.

By the Numbers: 16 Amazing Viber Stats

viber stats

Viber is quite possible the largest chat/messaging app to fly completely under the radar here in the United States. Viber made headlines early in 2014 when Japanese ecommerce company Rakuten purchased it for close to a billion dollars, but things have been very quiet for Viber stateside since.

It isn’t often that you can find an app with 608 million registered users that you hardly hear anything about. Check out some of these crazy Viber stats that I was able to dig up recently. I get the feeling we will be hearing more about VIber in the future.

By the Numbers: 7 Interesting Telegram Messaging App Stats

telegram messaging app stats

The messaging app Telegram has only been around for a little over a year, but they certainly have seen significant traction since launch. The Germany-based app, promoted as faster and more secure than their competition, picked up a significant numbers of users immediately after their much larger competitor, WhatsApp, was acquired by Facebook. IN addition to successfully positioning themselves as a WhatsApp alternative, Telegram also has a pretty good pedigree as it was started by the Pavel Durov, founder of one of Russia’s largest social networks,