Augmented Reality App Reconstructs Buildings From Years Gone By (Video)

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augmented reality appA college in Australia is partnering up with augmented reality app-maker Layar on a project that brings 19th Century Victorian architecture back to life.

The University of Newcastle’s project uses the Layar app to deliver video, slides and images of buildings lost long ago right where they once stood.

According to the University’s description of the project:

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“By downloading a free application you can walk around Newcastle and see the lost Victorian City. You will be see a butcher in Hunter Street from a hundred and twenty years ago, proudly showing his produce; the public buildings; the old Post Office being built; large and imposing hotels, and landmarks all in their original positions. The images in the exhibition represent the essence of the project and will give the viewer an understanding of the lost Victorian city”

This is a really cool concept that I hope more cities adopt. Imagine walking down the streets of Boston or Philadelphia, holding up your phone and seeing how your surroundings looked in the days of Ben Franklin, Sam Adams and Paul Revere? Awesome!