The Top 5 Benefits to Employee Content Sharing (Infographic)

telephone game photoWith content marketing all the rage and social media noise at an alarming rate, businesses, especially small businesses, need to utilize any and all content sharing possibilities available to them. Employees can offer a great opportunity to amplify the reach of the valuable content your company is developing to a receptive and relatively targeted audience.

Below is a very informative infographic from social media software-maker GaggleAmp. It lays out and explains the top reasons why encouraging employees to share company content to their social connections is important.

I will offer one quick note of caution: Carefully plan out your approach before asking employees to share content. You may even want to be selective in who you ask to share. The privacy and utility of a person’s social network and their connections, along with the separation of work and play, differs greatly from person to person and from industry to industry. You need to respect this and have a reasonable expectation that whomever you are encouraging to share your company content will be open to doing so. Skip this step and you may be facing a bit of a backlash to your request.

I hope you find this infographic helpful and happy Friday everyone!

Employee content sharing infographic

Infographic credit: GaggleAmp