Social Media, Multimedia and the Understanding of Content

contentDuring my time in the realm of social media – I first joined Facebook back in May of ’09 – I’ve slowly but surely understood what it meant to be engaged. Something kept me on Facebook for close to five years but it didn’t take me until just now to realize what it was. Simply put, the content put forth was interesting.

The content in question was so interesting, in fact, that it managed to keep me connected all this time. This is not a means to shift everyone’s focus from other platforms to Facebook but rather to discuss what I believe to be the most important factor in any type of medium.

To put it plainly, content is most integral.

Yes, you will sign up on Facebook in order to stay connected with others at the onset but that’s not enough for a website to do, right? You’re going to want more from it. I remember when everyone was obsessed with games featuring words like “zombie” or terms like “ville” in the title. While games like these are still played, and still have their audiences to boot, the way that people speak about such titles has diminished. Not many people want to spend hours upon hours maintaining their virtual farms. For a time, though, people couldn’t get enough of it and it was a point that any online marketing company could have seen.

Social media is not the only field where content is important, though. Speaking as someone who’s been heavily into video games all his life, I can attest to the fact that the gaming audience is going to go where the games are. One can make the argument that more powerful hardware will draw people in but as strong of a hook as this might be, there’s still a level of importance to consider with the games to follow.

As of now, the Nintendo 3DS is my preferred gaming platform of choice. Will handhelds ever stack up to the home console market in terms of specs? It’s unlikely but the 3DS has enough of a library, which was built over the course of a few years, to where it can maintain a gamer’s interest. The PlayStation 4, while impressive in its own right, does not have nearly enough of a library for me to commit to it at this point. It’s a new system, though, so it will follow the steps of any video game platform in that its content will expand over time.

Every good or service has a proposition to make and it is up to the manufacturer to fulfill all expectations. Content is required and it’s especially necessary when considering that it is the strongest hook of them all. What’s stopping someone from using Facebook if there isn’t enough in the way of functionality? Vocativ published a report earlier this month that predicted how Facebook would be, “…losing 80 percent of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017.” While it’s not set in stone, even the smallest shred of concern can garner attention.

If there’s one thing that content can show, it’s that the follow-through is, oftentimes, more important than the start of a swing.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image credit: Stan Rawrysz via flickr