What the Heck Do Social Media Marketers Do All Day? (Infographic)

social media marketer

Digital marketers have a lot of “stuff” that they need to do everyday. We consume and generate content in just about every place imaginable and on every device imaginable. Apps and online services are our best friends and we never have less than 10 Chrome tabs open at any point in the day.

Yes, our lives our controlled chaos.

Here is a fun infographic from Razor Social that depicts a day in the life of what they call a social media marketer. It is slightly exaggerated for effect, but does capture most of our daily activity pretty well.

The only small change that I would make is to swap out “Social Media Marketer” with “Digital Marketer” or “Digital PR Manager” whereas some of these activities go beyond what would traditionally be considered social media marketing and really run the gamut of digital marketing. Regardless, this is very comprehensive and these are all areas of digital marketing that we need to be fairly fluent in to be good strategists.

Enjoy the graphic and be sure to check out Razor Social. Ian & his team do a great job covering social tools.

social media manager infographic

Mobile worker image credit: Michael Coghlan via flickr