Smart SEO Requires Realistic Keyword Expectations

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to any successful digital marketing plan these days. The most important factor for SEO success is to keep realistic expectations of what keywords your site should be found with. Doing so will help make your SEO plan successful and keep you on speaking terms with your SEO consultant after the project.

What are realistic SEO expectations? Here is an example: Say you just launched a site for your law practice in Burlington, Vermont. An unrealistic SEO expectation would be to think that people would find your site right away by searching “law firm.” As you can see, the competition is just to stiff. Your brand new site is up against large National or International firms and sites that may have been around for a decade or longer. You need to realize and accept that no consultant on creation can work this type of magic.

A realistic SEO plan would still include industry keywords, but also geographical keywords. In the example above, you would still optimize the term “law firm” but also include “Burlington”, “Vermont” and “VT.” Internet searchers are becoming more and more savvy and we are now to a point where even the most novice of searchers are including geography when looking for stores and services.

Site traffic is a key component to search rankings. A realistic SEO plan should start local by optimizing geographically and attracting a steady amount of local traffic, which in time, will lead to higher rankings among broader search terms in the future.

SEO is an ongoing and fluid process. Keep this in mind and use realisitc keywords to start. You will be happy with the results and your SEO consultant!