Sick of Seeing Your Friends’ Babies in Your Facebook Feed? Try This Out!

We all see it, and most of us with young children do it- we post lots of pictures of our babies on Facebook.

Why not? Facebook is for sharing important moments in your life with your friends and what more important than the first time Junior grabs the cat’s tail?

Well, now there is hope for all you that wish to view Facebook baby-free. is a Chrome extension that searches your Facebook feed for baby-related keywords and replaces any image in matched posts with images of your choice.

The extension replaces baby pics with cat images by default, but you can customize it to select whatever you’d like to see in your feed. You can also customize the keyword list if there is a trigger-word that you’d like to add.

There you have it. Now non-baby lovers and us proud parents can live in harmony on Facebook once again!