7 Tips for Producing Highly Effective Corporate Videos

corporate videosCorporate videos can be turned into productive marketing tools. The task at hand is by no means an easy one. You will have to consider several factors before you can turn your video into an aggressive marketing campaign. Therefore, the following tips will come in handy if you are vying for something impressive and result-oriented.

1. Before you start designing the video for your campaign, you should spend a fair amount of time studying the strategies for lead generation that have most likely been applied in previous campaigns. Then you must think whether you wish to follow the strategies employed by your predecessors or give your campaign a new dimension. Discuss with the marketing department what kind of strategy they wish to apply to boost the client base.

2. The second major step is to determine the goal that you are trying to achieve through your campaign. Ask your company what it really wants? Does the campaign aim at wooing back old customers who are no longer using their product or are they targeting fresh clientele? Whether or not they are creating the campaign to generate brand loyalty among their existing customers is something else you should look into.

3. The next big step is to develop the messages that would be conveyed via the corporate video. The message should be hard-hitting and directed towards a specific target group. You will get roughly 60 seconds to convey a message consisting of only 130 words. This means your message should be concise. Effective videos convey the key features of their service accurately within this short span of time.

4. There are various different types of corporate video production that can be used. On-site shoots are popular and effective. They can be very costly, and if you are looking to save on costs, you can use a graphic designer to make an explainer video. Other than this you can also use the help of an editor and change an existing corporate video.

5. After the corporate video production is completed successfully, you can start streaming video in social media, mobiles and websites. You must select your streaming areas carefully. Stream your video in places which give access to your target audiences. Otherwise, it will never be able to create the desired result. Testing the videos in several mediums is also very important. You will have to make sure that videos work in all its display formats. For instance, videos might not work in certain online formats. This is the reason why meticulous testing should be conducted before launch.

6. You must also monitor the success of your campaign. You must analyze the campaign closely. Factors like how much traffic did the videos received, how long were the videos able to engage the viewers, from where the videos received most traffic?

7. Last but not least, good campaigners are able to direct traffic towards videos. Start email and social campaigns so that the traffic is diverted to the video so that more and more people can watch the video.

Other than videos that are created for marketing purpose, video productions happen for other purposes too. Videos produced for marketing are the most important ones and the tips must be adhered to for successful video productions for marketing products.


Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image Credit:Ted Eytan via flickr