New eBook: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business on Pinterest

wedu Pinterest Marketing eBook cover

wedu Pinterest business Marketing eBook cover

Pinterest has more than doubled its user base since the beginning of 2012 which should come as no surprise to anyone in the digital marketing world.

We all know that sharing visual content is hot and a very effective way to market your products or services. We see this trend everywhere online: Image posts on Facebook regularly achieve the highest engagement rates; Display advertising is more effective on websites than textual ads; Image-heavy eMagazines like Flipboard and Zite are extremely popular; and visual social networks like Instagram and Pinterest have grown exponentially.

Heck, even Twitter is getting more into the image-sharing game.

Images are great because they generally speak for themselves and are super-easy to share. Many a brand has found that, using creative imagery, they have been able to tell the story of their brand in a more intimate and relatable way.

OK, OK so image marketing is popular online and you should be on Pinterest, you get that. So how do you take advantage of this powerful network of 25 million users waiting to like and pin your products?

In my team’s latest eBook, The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business on Pinterest, we’ve created a bunch of “How Tos” that walk you through some of the tactics that have worked for our clients, covering a number of areas of Pinterest marketing from creating a Pinterest page and building your community to driving Pinterest traffic to your website.

I hope you find this material helpful!

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