New App Prevents You From Drinking and Texting

A few months ago, I told you about a Firefox plug-in that prevented you from drinking and Tweeting/Facebooking.

A new app now takes this type of morning-after embarrassment protection to another level by preventing drinking and texting.

Textalyzer allows users to create ‘forbidden’ lists- lists of people that you wouldn’t want to send a text to drunk. The app then gives you a series of ‘games’ that test your motor skills before you are allowed to send them a text. You can also set up auto-reminders that pop up before you send a text and remind you that it may not be a good idea.

Textalyzer is currently available for iPhone. It is unclear if it will be released for the other platforms.

This is an interesting concept for those who tend to embarrass themselves like this. The problem I see is that the people you would be most embarrassed texting while you are drunk (co-workers and work-related friends in particular) are likely to be the people that you text during the course of the workday. If you put them on the ‘forbidden list’ than you will have to pass tests every time you try to text them. That could get old fast.