LEGO Crowdsources Back to the Future Design

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lego back to the future


Mashable is reporting that the LEGO Back to the Future set design is now in development and will be released in mid-2013. The set received the required 10,000 votes and LEGO was able to negotiate a deal with Universal.

Original Post 12/29/11:

I recently was told about LEGO® Cuusoo, a microsite developed by the toy-maker to engage their uber-loyal fan base and solicit new product ideas.

The basics of the site are this:

  1. Industrious fans build a new LEGO® creation and upload the concept to the site;
  2. Fellow fans then vote on the design;
  3. Any design that receives over 10,000 votes is considered by LEGO® execs for production;
  4. If produced, the designer receives 1% of the toy’s total net sales.

This site uses Facebook connect and encourages social sharing. Registered users can also follow other users to see what other concepts they come up with.

There are a bunch of great designs on the site. The Back to the Future design is, by far, my favorite. Not that I want to persuade anyone, but with only 2,000 votes so far, it could certainly use your vote.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want a LEGO® flux capacitor in their child’s toy collection.

Here is a little promo video LEGO® put together for the Cuusoo effort: