How To: Explain the Major Social Networks Using Coffee (Infographic)

social networks coffee

social networks coffeeUpdate: This coffee infographic was originally posted in early 2013, but in honor of National Coffee Day, I thought it was worth sharing again. Not to mention that there are a bunch more of you reading DMR these days, so this should be new for most of you.

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Enjoy and  happy #NationalCoffeeDay!

Original Post Follows:

Every once in a while you stumble on an infographic that tries to make an analogy between the social networks and some aspect of our real (offline) world. Well, here is another one of those.

Here is a fun infographic from Marketplace Maven that tries to explain social media in terms of coffee. This is a pretty good pairing since most of us in the social media marketing world are over-caffeinated, coffee addicts.

I thought it might be a fun one to check out as you get up and going on this lazy Sunday morning,

Social Networks Coffee


Photo by nate steiner