6 Tips for More Effective Online Store Management

online storeIf you are running an online store, then you surely know that various management tasks usually take pretty much time, so that there is hardly any time left for web store improvements and enhancements contributing to further online business growth. Below, I’m going to share some effective ideas on how to improve online store management and streamline various related processes.

Powerful Ecommerce Software with a Fully Functional Administrator Panel

It won’t be a lie to tell that efficiency, smooth performance and overall success of an online store is all about choosing the right ecommerce software solution (also known as an online shopping cart). While reviewing the functionality of your future ecommerce platform, pay your strictest attention to an administrative panel it provides, as actually it is going to be the main tool to manage and control effectively all aspects of your online store – from product inventory and online payments to shipping options and marketing.

Opt for a solution with a powerful and fully functional administrative panel that provides all necessary management options and tools out-of-the-box as well features a smart, intuitive and clean design to ensure your ultimate user experience.

Smart Content Management System

While managing your online store, you simply won’t be able to do well without a content management system (CMS). Typically, many shopping carts come with a CMS built-in, or you can integrate any particular solution yourself. With a smart and powerful content management system at hand, you will be able to create, edit and launch virtually any kind of web content, including static and dynamic pages, graphic and text banners, contact form options, newsletters, testimonials, surveys and many others. Some turnkey CMS also allow to create SEO-friendly content pages that can dramatically improve your overall website ranking with popular search engines, especially for niche keywords.

Prompt Shipping

Fair enough, one of the top priorities for any online store is to ensure quick and reliable shipping services, preventing any risks of getting behind on orders, which is especially crucial during holiday seasons. First of all, you should establish a smoothly performing shipping system. It’s really not worth to rely on average figures when analyzing your sales volume and estimating available resources. Be prepared to any spikes in your sales and handle peak loads successfully, ensuring your customers have all their orders delivered in a timely manner. Even if you outsource you shipping sector to contracting parties, my advice here is to have your own team in-house who are responsible for control and managing effectively any critical shipping cases.

Product Filters

With the help of specific product filter options you can search through all your store catalogs in a very quick and convenient way. Such applications also allow to create custom product filters based on particular product features.

Return Management Add-Ons

The next useful and effective tool that I would like to suggest online vendors – return management add-ons. Such an application will provide your customers with an excellent opportunity to create a return request and then track it on their profile pages. You can easily manage and analyze these requests via your administrator panel for a more effective business management.

Tracking Abandoned Shopping Carts

The last but no less important piece of advice here is tracking shopping cart abandonment rates for your online store and analyzing reasons why your customers abandon their carts without completing transactions. This will help you if not eliminate, but decrease dramatically this negative tendency.

If you are ready to share some other helpful ideas on how to make online store management more effective and productive, please leave your comments in the form below.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons