How To: Add a Facebook Subscribe Button to a WordPress Blog

A few months ago, Facebook enabled subscriptions for personal profiles. Subscribers only see what you make ‘public’ on your Facebook profile. Much like the anyone you put on your restricted list, subscribers never see any posts or wall items that you send only to friends.

The point of subscriptions is to keep popular individuals from having to create a brand page for themselves. So far, Journalists and Celebrities have really taken to the new subscription model.

This week, Facebook released the ‘subscribe’ button for websites. This button works like many of its social button predecessors, and allows you to subscribe to an individual’s public feed without having to leave the person’s site.

Since a solid percentage of subscribe button users are going to be bloggers, I figured it would be helpful for you to know how to get a subscribe button for your WordPress blog…

Get the code

The easiest way to get the subscribe button code is to go here and use Facebook’s code generator. Once you have customized the way your button will display, click ‘get code.’


Create a widget

Open a second browser tab and go to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Appearance->Widgets. On the Widget screen drag and drop a text widget to your sidebar, or wherever in the template you’d like the button to appear.

Go back to the Get Code tab and copy both sections of the code and paste them into your new text widget (You could also paste the header info into your blog header, but this is just easier. As long as it appears on the page, you should be ok). Hit save on the widget and check your blog to make sure the button now appears and is functional.


There you have it- a simple way for your readers to subscribe to your public Facebook feed.

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