How Social Media Users Handle Their Friends’ Political Views (INFOGRAPHIC)

social media politicsFirst off, sorry everyone for going dark for 2 weeks. I was on vacation in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and was pretty much cut off from  the Internet for 8 days. I’ve spent the past week getting caught up from everything I didn’t do during the vacation…ugh!

Anyways, here is an infographic I found interesting. It displays the results of a Pew Research Center study on how Social Media users handle the political views of their friends.

This research is interesting because, although many social media communities and friendships are becoming more and more interest-based, Facebook is still a bit different. Since its launch, people have used Facebook to reconnect with old classmates, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Many of these people that we reconnect with have developed political views long since we last spoke to them.

My opinion is that I don’t care about my friends’ ideology as long as the post or view isn’t hurtful or spammy. Personally, despite my political history, I fit into the “self-censoring” category and almost never post political opinions or endorsements. I may show my support for a friend or colleague that is running for office at times, but I try to keep my political views to myself and avoid annoying my friends.

So what about you? Any good stories about a situation that developed after a social media friend shared their political views? Leave a comment and share what you’ve seen out there!


Infographic Credit: Carousel30

Image Credit: DonkeyHotey

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