Guest Post: What Search Engine Optimization Teaches You

Google Main SearchIn this fast-moving digital era, you have to be able to keep up with emerging technology, platforms, applications and a plethora of other digital trends that require undivided attention from your marketing team.

While we all understand the difference between push and pull strategies, achieving a fine balance between the two is what search engine optimization is all about. It works on the basic tenet to be able to combine an enormous amount of meta data that gives you valuable digital customer insights, identifies patterns and then aligns your digital objectives to cater to user demands.

An effective digital strategy teaches you to:

  • Look for what users are looking for – A successful marketing strategy, let alone a digital marketing strategy is based on deep consumer insights. If the marketer fails to understand what the user is looking for and how he responds to various data points, it will be a futile exercise to develop your website and aim at high rankings. You might get   a high hit ranking using one or more methods, but users will simply bounce off your site if they don’t find the content relevant.
  • Look for what search engines are looking for - A search engine sends out crawlers that scan the digital space for theme based content and then help the algorithm rank various websites. Sites are scanned for coherence of titles, html based coding, themes, content, keywords, linkages, architecture, speed and user experience. It is not about conning the system, but being able to enhance your own capabilities to be able to keep up with the changes that search engines make in order to screen and rank the right data.
  • Develop coherence amongst all parameters – a solid search engine optimization strategy has the ability to entwine all requirements of the process and move away from piecemeal solutions. A digital strategy should combine the elements of relevant themes, good content, titles that reflect the content correctly, html architecture, research that has gone into developing the site, the social media reputation, the quality of data and the user experience of the site speeds as well as the authority your site can buildbasis relevant linkages on your site.
  • Develop customized strategies for different platforms –an online medium works completely different from a mobile application and the search algorithms need to be customized accordingly. Social media platforms require a different engagement level with users to get leads and convert them into useful hits.

We believe that it is imperative that your digital strategy strings together the above elements in such a way that it creates a seamless experience for users and compels them to return to your brands.

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