Guest Post: Does Your SEO Company Offer You Integrated Marketing?

SEO CompanyThe recent changes in the SEO industry are incredible. Traditionally, it is was possible to achieve good search engine results with a strong technical foundation, a clean and “crawlable” information architecture, the right kind of keywords and key links.

Today, the rules of the business have changed drastically. Now, search engine result pages are displayed differently, thereby transforming the day-to-day role of your SEO Company. Now, SEO professionals are expected to also posses sufficient knowledge of user interfaces, user experiences, public relations, global considerations, design, content, responsive design, social media, CRO… the list goes on.

While marketers across platforms are always expected to possess a high level of understanding in these disciplines, it is next to impossible to specialize in all. Thus, businesses choose to hire full-service SEO firms that offer everything from content strategizing to SMM and pay-per-click advertising like Webmarketing123.

Many progressive SEO firms are now looking at meaningful ways in which they can leverage their knowledge in integrated marketing to offer comprehensive services to their clients.

What is the Significance of Integrated Marketing?

In simple words, integrated marketing involves collaborations and application of various marketing activities all at once. The overall objective of this is to support, reinforce and complement the overall effect of each one of these activities so as to make the process consistent across all media. In addition to this, it also helps in enhancing an organization’s bottom-line.

SEO and Integrated Marketing

Studies show that, on an average, companies spend about 2.5% of their revenues on varied marketing initiatives. Out of this 25% is mostly assigned to digital marketing. Link-building initiatives and pay-per-click advertising are all activities that now influence the success of your integrated marketing initiatives.

SEO companies are now asking questions like:

  • How can we add value to a client’s ongoing marketing activity by integrating SEO effectively into the process?
  • How can we stop looking at marketing as comprising distinct activities and, instead, work collaboratively to achieve common goals?

Essentially, the goal of SEO professionals should not be to specialize in branding, content or public relations; but it must be to find ways in which one can leverage one’s own knowledge to add value to the ongoing activities in the space of integrated marketing.

Image Credit: Design Milk via flickr

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