Geeks On-The-Go: Wearables And Security Risks

wearable securityDo you remember the movie Universal Soldier from 1992? In that movie, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren star specially designed soldiers from the future who are perfect for military operations and have no emotions whatsoever. What turned out to be a predicting trivia twenty years ahead of its time were the glasses that the universal soldiers wore on their heads. In the movie, their purpose was to receive orders from the base and scan the area and enemies.

Another similar movie example, but only more sophisticated, since it was hidden in the eye of the machine, is that of Terminator. These machines had the environment observing programme inside their eyeballs.

If in the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s these technological features were a mere science-fiction plot, the 2000s saw a different side of it. Today, we have numerous on-the-go gadgets that can be attached to humans body and perform computer-like operations. Although this sounds terrific and potentially life-altering, there is another point of view, according to which these new devices pose a great threat to our intimacy and privacy.

Easier to Get Info

“The major names in IT and Fashion industries have already recognized the value of wearables, while the products such as Google Glass, Apple’s rumored iWatch or Samsung Galaxy Gear seem to be setting stage for a new, post-mobile era. After the explosion of mobile devices and people’s increasing habit to have all the online resources at their hands at any point, it’s unsurprising that the wearables market has gone so big so fast,” as Crucial reported.

With wearable computer gadgets and devices, it is much easier to access the information and data we need at a specific moment. We thought that laptops and smartphones we the peak of computer mobility, but with every new day and founding, it is clear that we have not even stepped to the future from what used to be called science-fiction movie genre. Smartwatches, Google Glass, Lifelogginggadgets, Samsung Simband and many other devices can make our lives easier and even warn us if there are any health threats inside us.

Also, the process of gaining and sharing knowledge and data will be even faster with the further evolution of wearable devices. As a matter of fact, it is highly probable that our children (or grandchildren, depending on your age) will not be using ordinary computers anymore.

Data Thieves and Privacy Stalkers

However dream-come-true the previous paragraph might sound, we all need to be aware of the fact that the human race is still too imperfect for the ideal application of all the positive features of wearable devices and the technology that comes with them.

However brilliant and everyday routine-enhancing these functions might seem to be, there is actually quite a serious security and privacy risk behind all of them. Data thieves and privacy stalkers with hacker abilities will be able to interfere with the wireless highways through which the data about you travel and redirect them to their territory. Although it does seem a little bit awkward in everyday context, but imagine what governments could do it ordinary hackers will be able to make such a fuss. The security and privacy issues came to the surface with the first larger development of the Internet and nowadays they are just acquiring even more branches and dead-ends.

Dodge the Threats

Nobody will want to use wearable computing devices if we are aware that each and every data transfer to or from our cloud memory is potentially observed and redirected from a third-party.

So, is there a future for these gadgets? The answer is definitely yes, because the world is changing and it demands people to adapt. Of course, you can still be a shepherd somewhere in the mountains and remain untouched by newest technological crazes. However, participation in everyday modern life will simply suck you up and you will have to use all these features.

To minimize the potential threats to your privacy, choose the product and application solutions produced and offered only by large companies, since their level of protection is higher and more trustworthy and they have been developing all the gadget usage features simultaneously. Also, if you encounter suspicious third-parties offers, never accept them and keep to the middle of the road.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.

Photo by prae