Facebook Tip: How you can add an expiration date to your photos

If you are a passive Facebooker and regularly post photos that you would prefer only be viewable for a period of time, you will soon be in luck. German Company X-Pire is set to release its new photo expiration software sometime this week.

Basically, before you post an image to Facebook or Flickr, you drag it to the X-Pire window and set a digital expiration date for it. This assures you that the photo will no longer be viewable after the set date.

X-Pire is a monthly service and is reported to cost around $2.60/month.

Personally, I don’t mind managing my Facebook and Flickr photos myself when I need to. I am active enough on both social networks for this to not be a problem for me, but everyone has different needs when it comes to social media.

This service may be most useful for businesses and public figures that post large quantities of photos that can become outdated and cumbersome after a period of time.