Email Deliverability 101 (Infographic)

Email has been with us for a long time now and despite the likes of Twitter and Facebook competing for our attention, the fact that there are close to 3 billion email accounts in use is prove if any was needed that emailing is still an effective way of communicating with others across the internet.

The fact that email offers the potential to reach almost three times as many people as you can through popular social media sites is obviously good news, but it also has to be acknowledged that the average open rate for an email marketing message is just shy of 20%, which is kind of good news if you are a glass half full kind of person, but means four out of five recipients never even saw your marketing missive, if you are of the half empty pessimist persuasion.

Email is still highly relevant in marketing terms in today’s competitive arena but the key to making it a success revolves around your ability to make sure the right recipients get your message, and then making sure that they open the email and read the content.

This infographic from WhoIsHostingThis, looks at all aspects of email deliverability and takes a look at strategies for getting your message opened and read by as many people as possible and how marketers should keep people on their list happy by responding to their needs and requests.

Amongst the useful data that has been put together is a list of trigger words that are associated with spam and advice on how to be creative with your subject lines. Follow some of these tips and take a look at what definitely doesn’t work when using email, and you may well manage to improve your open rate.

Email Deliverability 101

Source: WhoISHostingThis

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