Guest Post: 9 Tips for Content Marketing Success in 2014

content marketingThe premise that everyone already engages in content marketing (93% of marketers claim to use content marketing) and that there is more and more content out there (2 million blog posts a day) is the most determining factor in 2014. So what can you do to stand out?

Personalised & targeted content

Online shops and Social Media are already doing big data, but I haven't seen it in magazines or blogs. Imagine that you visit your favourite blog and the articles to read are shown according to your views and likes and the views and likes of your friends. This brings a new personal dimension to your website... Thanks to cookies, the visitor doesn't even need to register. You can simply start with one field on your website showing an article recommended according to the visitor's last views...

Native Marketing and new social media

Content is king, but distribution wears the pants according to Social Media Today. There will be fighting over readers' attention. With simple targeting and native positioning of content in social media, native marketing will be used even more – and the prices will go even higher... so read Neal Patel's post and try new social media...

In-house PR / Content marketing agencies

Another way to spread your content to the word is by publishing in magazines and blogs. Even small companies that do not use PR agencies are able to create highly valuable content – but to publish it they need some media partners. The goal of an internal marketer will be to create and nurture these partnerships in the same way PR agencies usually do...

On the other hand, bigger companies which can afford it will completely forgo PR agencies in favour of specialised content marketing agencies.

In-house publishing houses

You can hear about it at our webinar or read about it on the Content Marketing Institute's blog... content marketing departments and job titles are on rise... The Chief Content Officer position will be nothing surprising in 2014.

Using different forms of content

Blog posts full of text are out of date. Use all the possible content forms; combine them or create unified content using different forms – read about 29 content types you can use. Videos or comics could be very interesting in 2014.

Less reading, more scanning...

When writing an article in 2014 it will be even more critical to create articles with one topic that is easy to follow. If you have less time to read a blog and you are searching for a topic, you don't have time to read about anything else. Better bloggers already know that inserting images, infographics or tweets between paragraphs, as well as using short paragraphs and bullet points make an article much easier to quickly scan.

Content should cover specific problems, data, news – less about opinions, ideas

Nobody will be interested in your ideas and opinions... we don't have time to read it. So go directly to solving problems and providing data and news. However, you don't need to be rational all the time – stories and emotions will always be crucial...

Partnerships to create better quality of content

With more need for quality it is possible that smaller players will start to create partnerships with others with the aim of creating content.

More budgeting for Content Marketing

Logically, higher budgets (marketers, on average, spend over a quarter of their marketing budget on content marketing) will be allocated for content marketing, so think more strategically and track the completion of goals to be able to justify the budgets...

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Image credit: Lainey Powell via flickr

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