Everything You Need to Know About Content Marketing (Infographic)

content marketing

It is no secret that content marketing works and is quickly becoming a key component in just about any sales & marketing plan. It doesn’t matter if your business is B2B or B2C, content generation in some form should help your outreach efforts. These days, people want and I might go as far as to say expect value from companies that they plan on doing business with.

I have been a firm believer in content marketing for years now and have oftentimes made knowledge-based writing, creative photography, instructional video and other forms of unique content, the hub of my digital strategies and the hook for inbound lead generation.

Here is an interesting infographic from Demand Metric that looks at the state of content marketing, why it is important and what to think about in setting up a content marketing plan. If you needed any further convincing about the need for generating unique, creative and informative content in your digital strategy, this should do it!

content marketing infographic

A Guide to Marketing Genius:  Content Marketing 

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Keyboard Image Credit: Liam Dunn