Chotot Stats and Facts (2016)

Chotot Stats and Facts (2016)
Chotot Stats and Facts (2016)
Headquarters: Hanoi, Vietnam
Mobile App : IOS
Mobile App: Android
About: is a Vietnamese online marketplace. Similar to Craigslist.

The objective of the Chotot is to become the market leading online trading Vietnam. The purpose of the website is to allow buyers and sellers to connect and secure transactions, ease in a comfortable environment and clear.

All items are available on our website, whether it is for the purchase, sale, search homes, cars, recruitment, electronics has been used, the pets, and the translation family service. Our aim is to give people a platform Vietnam online to use a simple, convenient, no hassle. No need to register and anyone can search and post relevant information on the list of products for sale, ranging from real estate, electronics to cars and so much more.

Each of us has the products that can be sold. Besides keeping the product does not need to stay at home, anyone can earn extra money by selling it to others through online sales market this. (source)