Storenvy Stats and Facts

Storenvy Stats and Facts
Storenvy Stats and Facts
Launch Year: 2009
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

(source): Over 40,000 new things are added to Storenvy each week. We couldn’t possibly identify the best new stuff all by ourselves. That’s where you come in…The ever-growing Storenvy product catalog is curated by the community. That means that when you Envy or buy something from the Storenvy marketplace, you’re promoting that product to the rest of the Storenvy shoppers. Any time you’re browsing Storenvy, all of the products are listed in order of real-time popularity. New things are constantly rising to the top when they’re discovered and Envy’d or purchased by a lot of people at once. Check back each day to see what the Storenvy community is discovering!Every few days, we’ll send you an email crafted especially for you that includes the best finds from your Storenvy network. The world’s creativity right in your inbox.

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