The Benefits of SMS Marketing (Infographic)

When planning a full marketing strategy, it is necessary to consider the best tool to distribute each message you wish to communicate. Email and print can cover visual messages, however, they are not so good for impulsive, quick communication. SMS can fill that gap, providing timely and direct information for customers, with a simple call to action.

SMS can work well both as an acquisition tool and a retention tool, allowing you to engage with your customers and add-value.

As an acquisition tool, SMS marketing can be used around purchased data lists, much like the way that email marketing can be used. Businesses can purchase targeted mobile numbers for you to contact with a simple, concrete and engaging SMS.

As a retention tool, you can send updates, special offers, confirmations, appointment alerts, reminders and anything else your customers may find useful, that can be explained in a quick message. Customers need not invest a lot of time in reading, understanding and acting on the message, compared to email and phone calls, SMS does not interrupt them in a negative way.

The infographic below explains the benefits of mobile messaging. My previous post, 5 Key Metrics for Mobile SMS Marketing explains the ways in which you can measure your campaigns to ensure optimum performance.

Benefits of SMS Marketing by txtNation

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.