7 Ways to Ensure Your Mobile App is Downloaded

mobile app downloadWith apps flooding Google Play and Apple App Store, it turns challenging for apps to get visibility and downloads. You need to constantly look at several aspects to keep the app updated, appealing and worthy.

So let’s bag some tips to ensure that your mobile app bags downloads…

1) User-friendly

Your app needs to suit to your audiences’ skills. When you set out with the design of your app, primarily make sure that it is user-friendly. No matter how fascinating your design is, your ultimate user should be able to easily comprehend as to how he is supposed to move around on your app.

Your target audience should be able to easily navigate through the app, and differentiate among different items on the app page.

2) Carefully decide pricing

Generally making a debut at one price, and then slashing costs acquires more downloads. The other way to go about pricing is to keep your app ‘freemium’. This means that the very app itself is free, but services within it are priced.

3) URL structure

Going with a strategy that incorporates a single URL is a responsive approach, which is a highly preferred approach. But this requires a huge amount of intricate and detailed planning, engineering and execution to get everything right. It’s totally worth the effort!

4) Size ratio

When you decide to work on the icon and button sizes, you need to know that you can work on limited space due to the small screen size of mobiles. Not adding too many buttons or icons is a safe bet.

Also the size of these buttons cannot be too small or too big. They need to be apt for the human finger press.

5) Don’t pull down on downloads

Users dislike slow downloads to the core. You may add several amazing graphics, bitmaps and animations, but these will slow down the downloading speed. This can avert users instantly.

The point is to provide a good quality experience and it can be provided even without hoards of graphics.

6) Keyword smartness

As shown in one of Nielson’s report, 63% of iOS and Android users have made use of search to find new apps. This highlights the fact that it is important to submit keywords relevant to your app to the app store.

For instance, if a person wants an app that compares online prices, he would probably type ‘compare prices’ or ‘best deals’. If you have such an app, accordingly embed the key words. Certain tips while choosing the right keywords:

  • Try not to use the same words as in your app title.
  • Use single words as opposed to phrases. Keep it ‘compare’, ‘prices’, ‘best’, ‘deals’.
  • Go in for simple words used in colloquial lingo.

7) Don’t miss out on marketing

The actual picture is something like this: Most cloud-based tools aren’t the best pick for marketing professionals. For users, the free versions like Dropbox, Google Drive work wonders.

But, when it comes to enterprise-level marketing professionals, the cloud based tools do cost. Also, if you analyse, these wouldn’t really prove to be as effective for the fancy cost they demand.

Adhering to these tips is good, but you need to make your app the best. For this, you need to ensure that your concept is novel, relatable to people and something that isn’t out yet. Because everything brilliant is built out of a good idea.

Note: This post is a guest post from a member of our DMR Insider Community.


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