Clothing and Apparel Statistics

Last Updated on: January 6th, 2024

Clothing and Apparel Statistics

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Here is a collection of some of the most interesting clothing and apparel statistics and fun facts I have stumbled across in my internet travels. These posts cover both the clothing and apparel industry and individual companies.

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Clothing and Apparel Fun Facts

  1. The word “denim” comes from the French town of Nimes, where the fabric was originally produced in the 17th century.
  2. The first T-shirt was introduced in 1904 by the Cooper Underwear Company as a lightweight undershirt for laborers.
  3. The little black dress, or LBD, was made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.
  4. The highest-priced clothing item ever sold was a diamond-encrusted dress that sold for $5.6 million.
  5. The world’s largest shoe size belongs to Robert Wadlow, who wore a size 37 shoe and stood at 8 feet 11 inches tall.
  6. Levi Strauss, the inventor of blue jeans, originally designed them for gold miners during the California Gold Rush in 1853.
  7. The first sports bra was created in 1977 by Lisa Lindahl, Hinda Miller, and Polly Smith, who sewed two jockstraps together to create a comfortable and supportive bra for running.
  8. The world’s most expensive pair of shoes, valued at $15.1 million, are made of solid gold and feature 30 carats of diamonds.
  9. The bikini, a two-piece swimsuit, was named after the Bikini Atoll, where atomic bomb testing was conducted in 1946, as it was meant to have a similarly explosive impact on the fashion industry.
  10. The trench coat was originally designed for soldiers during World War I, but gained popularity as a stylish and practical piece of outerwear after the war ended.

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