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Alipay Statistics and Facts

As Alibaba claims its place as one of the world's leading digital companies, one of its oldest and most important services, Alipay, continues to grow at a very impressive clip. In case you aren't familiar with Alipay, it is a fifteen year old online payment service (think: Paypal) that is based in China.

Here are some of the more impressive Alipay statistics I've been able to dig up recently. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Alipay Facts

Alipay Statistics and Facts

  • Alipay Website: alipay.com
  • Year Alipay Launched: 2004
  • Alipay Headquarters: Shanghai, China
  • Alipay Creator: Jack Ma
  • Alipay Parent Company: Ant Financial / Alibaba
  • What is Alipay?

Alipay is a third party payment & lifestyle platform for a Cashless Society. It has over 520 million active users and is operated by Ant Financial (source)

Alipay Statistics


Number of Alipay users:

1.2 billion unique users

Last updated 4/1/20

Number of Alipay users in China:

900 million

Last updated 12/20/19

Number of Alipay users outside of China:

300 million

Last updated 12/20/19

Number of Alipay daily active users:

320 million

Last updated 7/13/19

Number of Alipay monthly active mobile users:

150 million users

Last updated 5/19/18

Number of people that have gained employment through Alipay:

1.64 million

Last updated 3/24/20

Number of global markets Alipay is active in:

50 markets

Last updated 11/14/19

Number of Alipay transactions (all time):

42.3 billion

Last updated 12/15/14

Average number of daily Alipay transactions:

175 million transactions per day

Last updated 8/10/16

Alipay's share of the China mobile payment market:


Last updated 12/31/18

Alipay's share of China's mobile payment provider market (by total transaction value):


Last updated 10/24/18

Percentage of Alipay payments that are made on a mobile device:


Last updated 8/10/16

Number of Singles Day 2017 transactions on Alipay:

1.5 billion

Peak amount of Singles Day 2017 transactions on Alipay:

256,000 payment transactions per second

Amount of assets managed by Yuebao:

RMB 1.58trillion ($233billion)

Last updated 1/1/18

Number of Yuebao investors:

325 million investors

Last updated 12/14/17

Number of AlipayHK users:

2 million

Last updated 3/7/19

Number of Alipay HK merchants:


Last updated 3/7/19

Number of North American retailers Alipay has agreements with:


Last updated 5/21/18

Reported value of Ant Financial:

$150 billion

Last updated 12/20/19

Number of currencies Alipay supports:


Last updated 3/9/19

Number of financial institutions that partner with Alipay:


Last updated 3/6/19

Total amount of Yuebao assets:

RMB1.13 tillion (US $168.47 billion)

Last updated 4/17/19

Number of people that use the Alipay waste-sorting min-program guides:

1 million

Last updated 7/3/19

Number of service providers that Apilay has opened its platform to:

40 million

Last updated 3/10/20

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Total payment volume of Alipay:

$519 billion

Last updated 5/6/14

Top place in China for Alipay activity:


Last updated 12/15/14

Top place in China for Alipay mobile activity:


Last updated 12/15/14

Number of Alipay Wallet users:

190 million annual active users

Last updated 10/16/14

Number of mobile daily transactions Alipay Wallet processes:

45 million

Last updated 10/16/14

Percentage of all Alipay daily transactions that come from mobile:

over 50%

Last updated 10/16/14

Amount that Alipay users gifted for Chinese New Year (2015):

$642 million

 Number of Alipay users that use it to pay for social services and pubic-sector transactions:

100 million users

Last updated 1/15/16

Number of brick-and-mortar merchants that accept Alipay:

over 600,000

Last updated 5/20/16

Number of taxis that accept Alipay:

more than 1 million

Last updated 5/20/16

Number of retail stores outside China that accept Alipay:


Last updated 5/20/16

Alipay's reported market valuation:

US$60 billion

Last updated April 2016

Amount of sales that Alipay processed on Singles Day 2015:

$14.3 billion

Number of Singles Day 2016 transactions on Alipay:

1.95 billion

Peak number of Singles Day 2016 transactions on Alipay:

120,000 transactions per second

Amount of assets managed by Yuebao in 2015:

RMB 620.7 billion (US $96 billion)

Yuebao 2015 net profit:

RMB 23.131 billion

Amount that Aplipay's Yuebao mutual fund generated in 2014:

RMB24 billion (US $3.86 billion)

Total profit made by Yuebao users to date:

$3.2 billion

Last updated 10/29/14

Total amount of profit per user so far for Yuebao:

RMB 133 (US $21) per user

Last updated 10/24/14