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Slack Statistics and Facts

Here are some of the more impressive Slack statistics I've been able to dig up recently. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

The team messaging app Slack has only been around for about a year, but it has certainly created quite a stir among influencers in its short existence. While it only has a few million daily users currently (a relatively small user tally these days), those who use Slack rave about the product and its user engagement stats are very impressive.

Slack stands poised to grow and become a real player in the enterprise group collaboration and chat market in 2019, so I wanted to take a quick look at some of their early numbers.

Slack Facts

Slack statistics facts

  • Slack Website: slack.com
  • Slack Launch Year: 2013
  • Slack Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
  • Slack Founder: Stewart Butterfield
  • What is Slack?

Slack brings team communication and collaboration into one place so you can get more work done, whether you belong to a large enterprise or a small business. (source)

Slack Statistics

How many people use Slack?

12 million DAU

Last updated 3/18/20

Number of Slack weekly active users:

9 million

Last updated 5/5/18

Number of messages sent weekly on Slack:

1 billion

Last updated 5/31/19

Number of paid Slack accounts:

3 million

Last updated 5/22/18

Number of organizations that use Slack:

750,000 organizations

Last updated 6/4/20

Number of teams that use the free version of Slack:


Last updated 5/13/19

Number of daily active Slack users when it launched in February 2014:

16,000 users

Number of paid teams on Slack:

Average amount of time users are active on Slack on weekdays:

90 minutes

Last updated 5/31/19

Percentage of the Fortune 100 that pay for Slack:


Last updated 5/5/18

Number of times Slack users have used workflows on them:

4 million times

Last updated 4/8/20

Average amount of hours Slack users stay plugged into it on a weekday:

9 hours

Last updated 10/1/19

Number of developers that use Slacks API weekly:


Last updated 5/22/18

Percentage of Slack daily users that are from outside the US:

more than half

Last updated 5/31/19

Number of Slack employees:

1,664 employees

Last updated 4/30/19

Amount of funding Slack has reported raised to date:

$1.268 million

Last updated 8/21/18

Slack's reported valuation:

$7.1 billion

Last updated 8/21/18

Amount of time that Slack users spend on it weekly:

50 million hours

Last updated 5/31/19

Number of apps for Slack app directory:

2,000 apps

Last updated 3/16/20

Number of Slack Enterprise Grid customers:


Last updated 1/31/18

Number of countries that Slack has users in:


Last updated 5/31/18

Percentage of Slack users that say it improves their communication and collaboration inside their organization:


Last updated 5/31/19

Slack paid customer counts (annual):

  • Year ended January 31, 2020: 110,000
  • Year ended January 31, 2019: 88,000
  • Year ended January 31, 2018: 59,000
  • Year ended January 31, 2017: 37,000

Slack revenue (annual):

Slack net loss (annual):

Number of monthly messages sent on Slack:

1.5 billion
Last updated 2/24/16

Top city (globally) for Slack usage:

San Francisco

Last updated 2/12/15

Number of apps that have been developed for Slack:

4,000 apps

Last updated 12/15/15

Top country for Slack usage:

United States

Last updated 2/12/15

Top city (outside of U.S) for Slack usage:


Last updated 2/12/16

Slack retention rate for paid users:


Last updated 4/16/15

Number of people in Tokyo that use Slack:


Last updated 9/12/17

Number of people in London that use Slack:


Last updated 9/12/17

Number of people in Berlin that use Slack:


Last updated 9/12/17

Number of people in New York City that use Slack:


Last updated 9/12/17

Slack's weekly active users growth rate:


Last updated 1/19/15

Total number of hours Slack users collectively spend on it monthly:

100 million hours

Last updated 2/12/15

Maximum number of Slack users logged in at the same time:

1 million

Last updated 10/27/15

 Most configured Slack integration

Google Drive

Last updated 2/12/15

 Number of Slack integrations to date:


Last updated 6/24/15

Percentage of Slack users that say it improves transparency and culture in the office:


Last updated 7/14/15

Average reduction in office email that Slack users see:

48.6% reduction

Last updated 7/14/15

Average reduction in office meetings that Slack users see:

25.1% reduction

Last updated 7/14/15

Average increase in team productivity that Slack users see:

32% increase

Last updated 7/14/15

Percentage of Slack users that say it makes finding information easier for them:


Last updated 7/14/15

Percentage of Slack users that say it improves team culture:


Last updated 7/14/15

Percentage of Slack managers that are women:


Last updated 2/3/16

Percentage of Slack employees that are women:

Last updated 2/3/16

Average number of monthly app installs from the Slack app Directory:

415,000 installs

Last updated 10/20/16

Number of third-party app installs on Slack to date:

8.8 million

Last updated 9/12/17

Percentage of Slack customers that use integrations:


Last updated 9/27/16

Number of Slack offices:

7 offices
Last updated 10/20/16

Average number of times a Google Drive file is imported into Slack each weekday:

60,000 times

Last updated 12/7/16

Number of bots in the Slack App Directory:

900 bots
Last updated 2/7/17

Percentage of Slack paid teams that are actively using at least one app:


Last updated 4/11/17

Reported amount Amazon was willing to pay for Slack in June 2016:

$9 billion

Number of Slack users in Tokyo:

280,000 Daily Active Users

Last updated 7/19/18

Number of Slack users in Japan:

500,000 Daily Active Users

Last updated 7/19/18

Number of Slack paid subscribers in Japan:


Last updated 7/19/18

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