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Engagement: Is It Twitter’s Greatest Problem?

Even though Twitter’s definition of an “active” user is clear enough, I’m not too sure how this is going to fare in the long run. Keep in mind that it is because of constant engagement that users will be more inclined to tweet and socialize with others. This is the case for just about any social networking site.

Taking Many Steps Back With #FirstTweet

We, as a society, find ourselves preserving the greatest moments of our lives through various means. Some would like to take pictures of a child’s college graduation while others could be more inclined to record videos of little Billy scoring the winning goal during his soccer game. What about the first moments that we have spent in the world of social media?

Concerning Twitter’s Password Mass Reset

One of the worst fears that anyone should have when it comes to social media is the idea of their accounts being compromised. There are so many important aspects that they can house, whether it is a matter of location, phone numbers, or what have you. You would not want these to fall into the wrong hands. Recently, that’s what a good number of Twitter’s audience believed happened when they were sent emails prompting them to reset their passwords when they did not trigger them.