How To: Maximize Your Facebook Post Reach Through Proper Timing


It is no secret that Facebook has been putting the squeeze on businesses for quite some time now. Like just about every other online property that is trying to survive financially, Facebook is increasingly becoming a “pay to play” platform for businesses looking to reach its users. Organic page post reach has been dramatically reduced and even the largest of brands are finding it difficult to reach their own likes, let alone new audiences, without advertising it.

So how do you combat this shift and keep Facebook a viable digital channel for your business. The obvious answer is start investing in advertising you posts. Almost as important is to be smart about your Facebook posting to ensure you maximize your free reach.

Huge Update to Our Digital/Social Total User Post

The big updates to my stat posts keep on rolling along. The latest post to get some update love is my big list of how many people use each digital and social media network, app, tool, etc.

Many of the existing listings were updated including:

-Dropbox: 275 million users (Tweet this stat)
-Evernote: 100 million users (Tweet this stat)
-Facebook: 1.28 billion (Tweet this stat)…

How to Develop B2B Personas for Remarkable Content Marketing

Buyer personas are fictional characters that marketing leaders create to represent the people they sell to. A persona integrates the characteristics of typical buyers.

For a couple of decades, personas have guided industrial and software designers. And now they have become the foundation of content marketing strategies, enabling marketers to provide all the information buyers need to move them efficiently through the buying cycle.