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Skype Statistics and Facts

Here are some of the more interesting Skype statistics and facts I've been able to dig up recently. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

As I continue to break out statistic posts for each of the larger social networks and digital companies, I offer up today statistics for the granddaddy of video chat apps: Skype.

Skype Statistics and FactsDespite only launching in 2003, it feels like Skype has been around forever. Skype hasn't gotten nearly as much publicity since Microsoft acquired them in 2011 and a number of large, viable competitors have emerged over the years; not the least of which is Google with their popular Hangouts app and Apple's Facetime app which is natively baked into their devices. Despite all of this, Skype is still going strong and has a healthy and loyal user base.

With a platform as large as Skype, there are a number of angles to measure their size and growth by. Here are some of the most interesting Skype statistics I have been able to dig up in my travels. I hope you find this data helpful.

Skype Facts

  • Website:
  • Release date: August 29, 2003
  • Headquarters: Luxembourg
  • Owner: Microsoft
  • Year Skype was purchased by Microsoft: 2011
  • Creators: Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn

Skype Statistics

How many people use Skype:

300 million monthly active users

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Last updated 6/5/19

40 million daily active users

Last updated 4/29/20

Amount Microsoft paid for Skype:

$8.5 billion

Number of times the Skype mobile app has been downloaded:

1 billion downloads

Last updated 4/28/16

Percentage of millennials that use Skype globally (outside of China):


Last updated 2/11/15

Number of Skype daily active users (DAU):

4.9 million users

Last updated 2/3/14

Total number of minutes per day users spend on Skype:

3 billion minutes

Last updated 10/30/17

Number of installs of Skype on Google Play:

1 billion installs

Last updated 10/27/17

Amount of minutes used on Skype video calls:

2 trillion

Last updated 10/30/17

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Percentage of UK teens (11-16 year olds) that use Skype weekly:


Last updated 3/18/15

Number of languages Skype supports IM text-to-text translations for:

50 languages

Last updated 12/17/16

Number of languages Skype Translator can translate calls in:

9 languages

Last updated 12/17/16

Percentage of social messaging users in Ireland that use Skype:


Last updated 12/15/16

Percentage of global adult internet users that use Skype monthly:


Last updated 11/20/14

Percentage of APAC adult internet users that use Skype monthly:


Last updated 11/20/14

Approx amount of data consumed in a 1 minute Skype video call between 2 mobile devices:


Skype's 2013 Skype-to-Skype traffic compared to the entire telecom market:


Total number minutes spent in 2013 on Skype-to-Skype calls:

214 billion

Number of registered Skype users in China:

100 million

Last updated 11/8/13

Number of Skype for Android installations:

100 million

Last updated 7/1/13

Number of Skype WiFi hotspots worldwide:

2 million

Last updated 8/28/13

Amount that Skype reportedly costs mobile operators:

$100 million per day

Last updated 9/30/13

Skype's mobile app user growth from Dec '13-May '14:


Number of developers building bots on the Skype platform:

over 30,000

Last updated 8/3/16