Online Dating Statistics

Last Updated on: October 19th, 2022

Here is a collection of some of the most interesting online dating statistics and fun facts I have stumbled across in my internet travels. Posts here cover both individual companies as well as the industry as a whole.

Online Dating Statistics

Stat posts here are edited and updated almost daily, so be sure to check back often!

Online Dating Statistics and Fun Facts:

Size of online dating market:

$2.1 billion

Last updated 2/13/19

Number of online dating sites:


Last updated 2/13/19

Average monthly dating app users in the US:

25.1 million monthly users

Last updated 7/19/19

Percentage of single adults in the US that use a dating app:


Last updated 7/19/19

Projected size of the online dating industry by 2020:

$12 billion

Projected number of online dating site users by 2020:

310 million

Number of couples that meet online:

1 in 5

Last updated 3/23/19

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