Toy Statistics

Last Updated on: January 6th, 2024

Toy Statistics

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Here is a collection of some of the most interesting toy statistics and fun facts I have stumbled across in my internet travels. These posts cover both the toy industry and individual companies.

Toy Fun Facts

  1. Lego is the world’s largest toy manufacturer, with an estimated 36 billion Lego pieces produced annually.
  2. The first toy to be advertised on television was Mr. Potato Head in 1952.
  3. Barbie dolls have been sold in over 150 countries, and over one billion dolls have been sold since its launch in 1959.
  4. The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture, Erno Rubik.
  5. The world’s largest toy collection belongs to the Toy Museum in Mexico City, with over 20,000 toys on display.
  6. The world’s first commercial jigsaw puzzle was created in 1766 by a British engraver named John Spilsbury.
  7. The Teddy Bear was named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who was known as “Teddy” Roosevelt. The name came from a cartoon showing him refusing to shoot a bear on a hunting trip.
  8. Play-Doh was originally created in the 1930s as a wallpaper cleaner but was later marketed as a toy.
  9. The Etch A Sketch was invented in 1959 by Frenchman Andre Cassagnes and was originally called the “Magic Screen.”
  10. The Slinky was invented by accident in 1943 by Richard James, who was trying to create a device that would keep sensitive instruments steady on ships.

Specific Toy Company Statistics Pages

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